Article of Confederation BY trevor

The Article of Confederation

The founding fathers wanted a limited federal government is many ways. The founding fathers did not want another King George. The people did not want to be forced to do what one person said.The state governments could only control their state because each state didn’t want to be controlled by the other states.

States & the laws

One limitation is that federal government could not make laws. The founding fathers made the Article of Confederation because it was a set of Legal guidelines that all the states had. But the state governments could make and take away laws. If the states wanted to take away a law 13 out of 13 states had to agree. If the states wanted to make a law nine out of 13 had to agree. If the federal government wanted to make their own law, to bad the only ones who could make the laws was the state's.


A second reason is that the federal government could not tax the states. The only way that the federal government could get money is if the states wanted a strong country. The state government taxes the state and could give the federal government some money. this made it that the federal government had less power because the federal government could not just tax the states as much as they won't. That would give the federal government more power than people wont. They didn't want another king to roll them again.


The last reason is that limited the federal government. the last reason is that the federal government did not how a military. The state governments have their own military. The federal government can be stronger than the state government. The only way that the federal government would have a army is if the state government lets the federal government use them. The way that this limits the federal government is that they can over roll them so they would not have a army so they won't be threaten to do what they say.

Founding Fathers

That is only some of the ways that the federal government is limited. That is some limitations that the founding fathers put on the Articles of confederation. the founding fathers wanted a weak federal government but a throng country. But failed the Article of Confederation didn't last long only 8 years. Then most of the founding fathers made Constitution.


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