Discipleship The heart Of ministry

By Andrea

Today was filled with incredible stories of life and encouragement through Restoration Ministries.

This morning we visited homes in the community of Villa Rosa. This favela is filled with darkness and heart breaking situations, but a light shines through the darkness.

Restoration Ministries planted a church here and we were amazed to witness the relationships they have built here.
The river can flood in only an hour and return in the same amount of time, leaving behind houses and lives destroyed. We saw houses rebuilt through God's provision, and lives restored through God's grace.
John Paul is an incredible guitarist, he is desperately in need of quality medical, he has his own bed for the first time since Resoration helped his family buy a bunk bed, and he loves Jesus. His story is just one of many that show how Restoration is building up and training the next generation by simply giving guitar lessons, and helping a family in a time of need.

The joy of these kids is so much bigger than the sadness of where they live!

Sometimes a smile is all you need to show Jesus's love, and Nicole knows how to shine Jesus just like that.
"Ronaldo" has made a special relationship with countless boys of all ages. Joking, laughing, praying, encouraging - that is how you truly disciple someone.
Kalyssa shared her story during a women's prayer group today. Her testimony told of brokenness and God's new life. She shared the truth that no matter what, God is there, and no matter what it seems like others think, He cares for you infinitely. I saw tears in the eyes of people all around the room. Kalyssa touched the hearts of everyone in a way only possible with God.

The agita program is a way to tell children about Jesus, and also learn more about their family. We see kids from home visits and Camp California each day at agita. This is one of many ways Restoration Ministries works in these communities.

Our new friends! They're crazy!
Celebrating life and learning about God.

Capoeira is the most interesting and different types of ministry outreach lead by Restoration Ministries.

This is a form of martial arts mixed with dance. Thrilling to watch and participate.
Restoration Minitries teaches capoeira classes in the favelas always teaching God's love along side.
An art form once associated with "witchcraft" is now a form of discipleship.

Relationship building is centered at the heart of ministry here, and we are all amazed at the strength of the bonds Restoration has created, and the bonds we are creating also!

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