Where are they now? Ownership Stories From Credit Union Members

The Campbell family: 2013

The Campbell family: 2016

The triplets are now toddlers and they keep everyone on their toes.

The Campbell Family is always on the run.

Finding time to fit in all of life's events, home improvements, fifteen minute dinners and tackling the mountain of laundry is a challenge.

The Campbell's credit union makes life easier with convenient services like CAR SHOPPING ASSISTANCE helping them buy their next vehicle to fit their growing needs.

Carson and The Gorham Grind: 2013

Carson and The Gorham Grind: 2016

The Gorham Grind is the hub of activity in downtown Gorham.

Carson's credit union loan made it possible for him to develop Rocket Fuel, a new product that's now sold nationwide.

My credit union takes a long-term approach to help me fulfill my goals. They're looking at WHERE I'm trying to go. a conventional bank wouldn't even consider that.
Amy and Wicked Whoopies: 2015

Amy and Wicked Whoopies: 2016

We caught up with Amy hard at work building her awesome new retail space in Freeport.
One of my goals in life is to make our Wicked Whoopies available to everyone on the planet, and I know my credit union is there for me when I need a loan.
What I always tell my friends about the credit union experience: You are an owner.
Olivia Surprise, On-The-Go Art Student: 2015

Olivia Surprise, On-The-Go and Picking Up Speed: 2016

A full course load of studio art classes is practically a 24/7 experience. With mobile banking, Olivia can manage her accounts anytime.

Mobile banking is never a disappointment. I use it every day on-the-go because it's convenient and quick.
I feel proud to represent my credit union for everything it stands for: spectacular service, shared branching and community ties.
No matter where I am, or how busy I am, I can still count on my credit union to be there when I need it.

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