Injustices for Women Abbie Harper


Coincides- Occur at the same time

Recruit- enroll someone as a member or worker in an organization

Uninhibited- expressing one's feelings or thoughts unselfconsciously and without restraint

Misogynistic- strongly prejudiced against women

Berating- Scold or criticize someone angrily

Thronged- Flock or be present in great numbers

Does having children affect a women’s pay?

Any women who wants to start their own family need to be able to provide for their children and some women’s pay can be affected by their choice to have children. There already is a wage gap between men and women, and starting your own family should not affect any women’s pay negatively. As discovered by Visier Insights, “The gender wage gap is driven by the Manager Divide: gender inequity in manager positions that is closely tied to the childcare years, when women experience increased demands from their home life.” Many believe that women should be able to start their own family without having it affect their pay, this is what many equal pay movements are about. Although there have been many movements to fight for equal pay for women, women in a whole earn less than men currently. According to Eleanor Holmes Norton, ”It has been impossible to move the disparity in earnings between men and women - a woman's 77 cents to a man's dollar - where it has been stuck for years.” There has always been a disagreement between men and women about pay. Women who want to start families will deal with pregnancy and then having to stay home with their baby, and this should not affect their pay.

How can women achieve their goal of equal pay?

Women can achieve their goal of getting equal pay by bringing these issues to awareness. An interesting fact John Schwarz shares is that, “women who have children while in the workforce affects their earnings.” Women typically will have to take work off to start a family and this can greatly affect their salary. Many women and men believe this unfair and should be changed. Earning an equal pay has always been a struggle for women. According to Target News Service, “Eleanor Holmes Norton called on Congress to pass two equal pay bills - the Paycheck Fairness Act, of which she is an original cosponsor, and the Fair Pay Act, which she introduced last year with Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) - to begin to help equalize pay in jobs of comparable worth.” Eleanor Holmes Norton has tried to spread awareness about the wage gap and pushes for equality. The Paycheck Fairness Act is a proposed US labor law that protects the Equal Pay Act of 1963, the Paycheck Fairness Act helps bring awareness to pay wage gap. The Fair Pay Act was signed by Barack Obama states that there can be lawsuits filed for every paycheck that was affected by pay discrimination. Both of these acts are huge steps in the right direction regarding equal pay in America between men and women. If there is one thing women can do to continue help achieve equal pay is to try and pass bills through congress, just as Norton and so many others are doing.

What other injustices do women face?

Many women have faced the problem of restrictions on their own reproductive rights. Women believe they should have control of their own bodies and should be able to make their own decisions that involve their body. Carly Burgess informs us, “The rally, ‘Our Bodies, Our Justice,’ focused on protecting access to reproductive health care and supporting Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organization that provides high-quality, affordable healthcare to millions of Americans.” Many men and women rallied to express that affordable health care should be provided for women who want to choose how to handle their own reproductive rights. Abortion is another concerning topic that many are not educated about. There are many people who believe abortion is not proper but banning a women to have the right to control her reproductive rights is not ethical. Mari Shibata educates us, “According to the World Health Organization, about 22 million unsafe abortions are performed every year. This means they are performed by persons lacking the necessary skills or in an environment lacking the minimal medical standards.” Many think banning abortions would save many lives but in reality it will cause unsterile medical practices and may harm the women carrying the fetus. Women should have the right to control their own life no matter the circumstance.

How will the Presidency of Donald Trump affect women?

The presidency of Donald Trump may affect women's rights significantly. Some policies Donald Trump discussed was abortion and how he would try and protect the unborn babies, but many women are unfit for being a parent that can provide, so this would not be helpful. Many people who work with Trump are men and will not ever have to deal with pregnancy therefore, women believe they should not have a huge say in abortion policies. Although Trump has said that planned parenthood has helped and benefited much of America, because of the abortion factor he would defund it in a whole. Donald Trump has also openly spoke about paid maternity leave, but as the Washington Post states, “Trump's plan is confusing and may exclude single mothers: women can only receive the paid leave if their marriage is ‘recognized under state law.’” Although Trump would be helpful to married women there still are many struggling single women with children. Donald Trump also has many people supporting his misogynistic views, as Dazed Digital informs us, “There’s attorney general pick Jeff Sessions, who previously voted against funding shelters and services for victims of domestic violence. Then there’s new health and human services secretary Tom Price, who voted against employers providing health care plans with contraception to women. There’s also potential secretary of labour pick Andrew Puzder, who is against raising the minimum wage – a decision that would affect women considerably more than men (two-thirds of minimum-wage earners are female).” Women are now fighting for equality because they see a problem with the new president of America and many feel that a change needs to happen. Donald Trump has not been in office for too long but many people see flaws with his views on women but will have an open mind to his presidency.

Is it difficult for a women to obtain a management position at a company?

Another injustice women face is in the workplace. It has been shown time and time again that men usually have seniority over management positions. This has been changing recently though but it’s still a concern for many women. According to Pew Research Center, “About two-thirds of Americans, including majorities of men and women alike, say it is easier for men than women to get elected to high political offices and to get top executive positions in business.” Many women are earning advances in companies but as Nancy M. Carter and Christine Silvia inform us, “women represent just 3% of 500 CEOs and less than 15% of corporate executives at top companies worldwide.” Both men and women see the inequalities in the workforce and have continued to fight for a difference.

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