NSS Lacrosse Performance Team Training 2019 Performance Guaranteed

Why NSS Team Training? As part of this program our Performance Professionals work directly with coaches to ensure that we are helping the athletes become better players. Communication with the coaches allows us to have a clear understanding of what the coach needs and wants for their team. NSS Performance Professionals are a supplement to the team coach, and that synergy creates an edge against other teams.

As NSS Performance Professionals you can trust us to take the time to ensure players are fit and healthy athletes while your coaching staff can focus on creating students of the game. We work on athletic ability which allows coaches to put their players in the appropriate positions with the ability to play at higher level athletically. This also allows the coach’s focus to remain on game preparation, knowing that their team will be fit and ready to perform.

Where do we start? At NSS we begin by first and foremost resetting the focus of our athletes, providing a free testing day. We direct their attention to the fact that a sport is a major commitment, and that their team is counting on them to be in shape and ready to go. Devoting time to preparation is needed in order to perform, to stay safe and remain injury free.

Testing Day

At an NSS Testing Day, we start by collecting real data to give new athletes a mark of where they stand. For the veteran athletes it's a way to establish their progress.

The Athletes will be tested in these areas:



Maximal strength

Core strength




Flexibility and joint range of motion

Sport Endurance

Tracking Progress

With collecting real data of our athletes prior to training, we are given the ability to see where they excel, and where they need help. In collaboration with their coaches we can then provide a plan to strengthen their weaknesses as well as enhance their natural abilities.

If one of our veteran athletes is coming off of an injury, testing allows us to have a pre-injury number to reclaim. If it's a new athlete that is coming in for testing after an injury, this allows us to see the progress we need to make in order for them to get back on the playing surface on game day.

After the end of our training programs, re-testing then allows the athlete, coaches and parents an opportunity to see progress made during training. That day will be determined as we get closer to the end of the training program.

Meet and experience

In addition to setting benchmarks, testing day is also a time to meet the NSS Sport Performance Professionals.

We welcome any questions from athletes, parents and coaches.

We will lay out our expectations and what can be expected of us.

Set Your Free Team Testing Day

Contact Connor

(845) 416-5181

We can do Testing both onsite or offsite, just let us know what works for your team!


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