A Fashionable Feeling BY: Sela Gur-Arie

Brendan Novar is a senior at CHS. He loves to pick out outfits that project his mood. For Novar, it's more about expressing himself rather than being interested in fashion.

"At the end of the day, it's not really about me liking fashion all that much. I just appreciate individuality and if you can show that through your outfits, I think that's really cool," Novar said.

Novar is most proud of what he wore on his feet. With his free trial from Amazon Prime, he decided to buy these yellow Clarks Wallabees. Novar paired these eye-catching shoes with Adidas track pants and a white tee that he layered with a flannel over top. To finish his look, he added a khaki bucket hat.

Novar gets most of his inspiration from Instagram and Twitter. The internet is also his favorite place to shop. More specifically a website called "Grailed," which offers some of the best deals on trendy clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.

"I just scavenge around Twitter and put price ranges on Grailed," Novar said. "I always find the coolest pieces for low prices."
Created By
Sela Gur-Arie