There are many reasons for someone to learn a language. For example, to be able to comunicate with others and be able to enjoy the advantages life gives you.

To motivate you some more im going to give you some examples and techinques to use if you do decide to learn a language.

  1. What if you moved to a new country do to your parents getting a new job. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!!!!! Let me give you some ideas. you COULD find a translator but would that benifit you NO. What you could start by lableing everthing in the house with a sticky note with the translation on the back. You can also get together with people that only speak the language you need to learn, that will force to listen to what they are trying to tell you. Also please try to stay away from people that speak the same language as you.

Here are some websites to help you further your learning.

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