Folktale GoldiLocks and the three bears

Characters: Goldilocks, Three Bears

Setting: The house in the forest

Plot Summary: Goldilocks came upon a house in the forest and walked in because she saw no one inside. Goldilocks was hungry so she ate the last bowl of porridge because the first bowl was too hot, and the second bowl was too cold. Continually, that same pattern kept happening. Goldilocks went on to sit down on the last chair because it fit her just right. She got tired and went upstairs to rest. The last bed she tried was just right. When the three bears got home they saw her and Goldilocks ran away and never returned.

Symbols and Archetypes: Goldilocks represents the "trickster." She disobeys the rules and doesn't think of others but herself. The pattern of the story was when she tried everything until she found what was most suitable for her.

Meaning of the Folktale: The folktale "Goldilocks and the three bears" means that your actions can effect others

Significance: The folktale story "Goldilocks and the three bears" is an example of how you shouldn't behave, or how you shouldn't treat others.

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Lesly Castaneda Prado

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