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Hello my name is LaDale Whaley, and welcome to my 2019 Adobe Train the Trainer learning journal. This journal documents the learning process I've taken to accomplish the assignments necessary to earn the credintials of an Adobe Education Trainer. As an eductor, I am working to strenghten my skills in the online learning environment. While some of the task might be familiar to me, I find that I have plenty of room for emprovement. I hope that you not only find this journal insightful, but also engaing and inspirational.

About Me

LaDale L. Whaley

Hello! My name is LaDale Whaley, (pronounce LAH-dayl WAY-lee). I have had the privilege to work over 20 plus years as a Graphic Designer in various industries for a College Relations Department, Broadcast Media, and Marketing departments; and over 8 years in Higher Education as a General Education and Graphic Design instructor, a Department Chair for the School of Drafting and Design, as well as an Instructional Technology Trainer and Academic Technology Consultant. Although I have experienced various industries, education is my favorite!

A native of Toledo, OH, I have earned an A.A.B. in Graphic Design from Davis College, Toledo, OH, a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in communication, business and design from the University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, and a M.S. in Education Media Design and Technology from Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL. In addition to my formal education, I have worked to earned recognition as a Microsoft Office Specialist, Quality Matters Peer Reviewer, Apple Teacher, Adobe Education Trainer, and an Adobe Campus Leader.

My professional strengths include the design, development, implementation, and delivery of instructional and training material; as well as creative direction and leadership with print, interactive, and motion design, and video editing for business and educational material. Consequently, I am proficient in using the Adobe Creative Cloud and eLearning Suite, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office 365, Articulate, LMS systems operation and administration, multimedia equipment, and an avid Apple hardware and software user.

Train the Trainer Level 1

Workshop 1 - Create a Training Video

The first assignment was to create a training video using Adobe Premier Rush. For this assignment, I created a video on how to set up a print document is Adobe InDesign. This is part of a lecture that I do for my students in my Page Layout Tools course. I start every session demonstrating how to set up the print document, so this would be a great preliminary video to load to my course. It is also a good video to send to students when they have a question on setting up their document.

Tutorial Screen Shots

Workshop 2 - Exploring Creativity in Education

Option C - InDesign Template

have recently started using the publishing feature of InDesign to create and share my own design work, but had not considered creating the documents to share in my classroom. This assignment was good practice for not only creating my lesson plan and sharing it, but also how to set up my lesson plans to share with other, and post to participants. I particularly like the publishing feature because it can be easily shared and updated directly from InDesign.

Screen Shot of Finished Design
Train the Trainer Level 2

Workshop 1 - Pitching a Training Session

I teach creative presentation and require my students to do a 30-second pitch. Completing this assignment made me realize how simple, yet complex it can be to deliver your idea in such a quick time. However, I realize that it doesn't take much, you simply have to get right to the point. Here is my pitch for my planned training.

Workshop 2 - Create a Training Plan Draft

This draft plan is the bar bones to my training session. It provides the basic information required to help the participants determine if the course is one they would like to particpate in.

Workshop 3 - Polishing your Training Plan

Screen shot of full lesson plan.
Train the Trainer Level 3

Workshop 1 - Creating a Training Package

I began participating in the Train the Trainer courses back in 2014. Over the years, it has help me develop my skills as an online educator, and instructional designer. It has challenged me to push beyond the formal teaching practices often used in the eductional system, to explore ways to change the focus of my courses from content focus to student success. The training package I have created is design to help not only educators, but those who train other, or simply need to share information with people, and don't have the design skills to do it all from scratch.

Workshop 2 - Delivering a Training Session

Workshop 3 - Reflect, and Develop Your Training

This Train the Trainer course helped me to better organize my training sessions, and focus more on the student outcomes, and what would best intrest the participants. By offering them a solution to the problem I believed my skills as a trainer and content development professional has improved.

Based on my the delivery of my training, I will be making the following changes:

  • Use a moderator to help control the mics and chat messages
  • Start with music, end with music for interest
  • Add polls to help get the audience active
  • Have a specific topic to demonstrate

I've come to the end, and by far this has been the most exciting Train the Trainer course I have taken. It truly challenged me to think beyond the normal solutions. I am looking forward to doing more of these in the near future.

Successful Completion

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