The Pregnancy Project By Mey sun, Noah blase, Tj richardson, Topher Gould

Summary- The Pregnancy Project is about a girl named Gaby, who fakes a pregnancy for her senior project. For this project, she wanted to see how people would react and act towards to her.

Characters- Gaby (Round,Dynamic), Jorge (Somewhat Round), Mom (Round),

Setting- Indian Reserve in Washington. Toppenish High School

Conflict- An external conflict was when the little sister shoots the brother in eye with a bb gun. Another external conflict is people talking about her being pregnant. An internal conflict is when Gabby is conflicted on weather or not to tell someone about the project because she feels guilty.

Author's Purpose- The author's purpose is to inform readers about teen pregnancy, stereotypes and statistics.

3 Key Scenes- One key scene is her talking about the background of the family. This was important because you get know the main reason for why she wanted to the project.

Other Key scene is when Gaby gets the approval from her mom and the principle/committee. This was an important scene because this was the start of the project. With the approval she can start and plan the project.

The other key scene is when she actually presents the project. This was key because this was the part where she reveals the truth about the project. She surprised everyone including her classmates and even siblings.

Style and Tone- The tone is to inform her readers. She wants to inform people that is alright to go against what people say. Also it is a little of entertaining because there are some funny parts.

Connections- A connection in the story is having to overcome stereotype. Another connection is that Gabby grew up without her dad.


One major theme is in the story is stereotype. In the book, Gabby proves that you don't have to follow the stereotypes. Just because people expect you to be a certain because of your background, family, culture; you don't have to make it true.

Movie Trailer-

Review- Noah: 3.5/5 The book was very inspirational.

Tj: 4/5 He liked that she was able to keep a secret.

Topher: 1/5 It was not very entertaining. It was not a subject that I was interested in.

Mey: 4/5 I liked the the purpose of the story and how the book was structured.

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