EVE By: Anna Carey

Genre: Fiction

Author Biography

Anna Carey grew up on Long Island, she was the daughter of a special education teacher and an astronomer. She studied literature and creative writing at NYU. After college she worked as a editor in children's publishing before getting a masters in fiction.


The time frame is set in the future. The book takes place in many different places on her way to California from the east coast area.

Plot Summary

Eve has just discovered what her future is supposed to hold, so she runs away. She meets many new people has a little romance and even commits high treason crimes just to reach the only place she can go, Califa.

Main Characters

Eve: Tall with red hair, well built, and very athletic. She is very nice and nice. She does not give up on her dreams and fights for things she believes in.

Caleb: Tall with light brown hair, very lean and muscular. He helps people in need and protects them with his life. He is very intelligent and quick witted.


The theme of the book Eve is trust and reliability.

Conflict and Resolve

The conflict in Eve is eve trying to get to safety before the king catches her. She resolves this by relying on people to help her on the the way.


"I love You, i love you, i love you" Pg. 318 This quote is important because she has ever loved somebody before.

" I will always try". Pg.318 This quote is important because she gave up on love and now has got her passion back about love.


Cottage- a simple, smaller house.

Weathered- worn out by weather conditions.

Clattered- to make continuous rattling noise.

Landscape- visible features of a country side or land

Angular- having angles or sharp corners


I would absolutely recommend this the book eve to anyone. This book is about facing the challenges that tie you back, and everyone has to do that at least once in their life. This book also teaches you many lessons such as sometimes you have to rely on other people, you can't do everything yourself. Three words I would use to describe this book would be adventurous, thrilling, and romantic.


The only source I used was the actual book Eve.


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