What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a chronic disorder, the hallmark of which is recurrent, unprovoked seizures. Many people with epilepsy have more than one type of seizure and may have other symptoms of neurological problems as well. Sometimes EEG testing, clinical history, family history and outlook are similar among a group of people with epilepsy. In these situations, their condition can be defined as a specific epilepsy syndrome. The human brain is the source of human epilepsy. Although the symptoms of a seizure may affect any part of the body, the electrical events that produce the symptoms occur in the brain. The location of that event, how it spreads and how much of the brain is affected, and how long it lasts all have profound effects. These factors determine the character of a seizure and its impact on the individual. Esssentially, anything the brain can do, it can do in the form of a seizure. Having seizures and epilepsy can affect one's safety, relationships, work, driving and so much more. Public perception and treatment of people with epilepsy are often bigger problems than actual seizures.

Back in Germany we had a AP Math teacher how was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 10 years old now she is in her 40's, she had an accident with her bike she said that is wasn't a really bad accident but she passed out what is really normal b her mom had uncle has Epilepsy when he was younger so her Mom wanted to test her just in case, there is something.

On the left

From what she told us the type of her Epilepsy is generalized convulsion that is the most likely type of Epilepsy. She said it was really upsetting her that she wasn't able to go swim with her friends because her mom was to afraid that she maybe get a attack and wouldn't get help.

She didn't really say what kind of Medicament's she had to use just that is was a lot and still is.

(Not her Family)

Even with her diagnose she chose to have kids (2 Boys and 1 girl) she got married to her husband when she was 25.

The Long-term prognosis for her is not really good but she is with out an epilepsy attack for 3 years now.


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