City Manager's Report September 10, 2021

Sunday Funday at the Brea Gallery

The Brea Gallery’s monthly children’s art workshops took a summer hiatus for July and August but are returning for the rest of the calendar year.

In June, instructor Aimee Aul focused on the style and technique of Xu Wei. Students learned the basic strokes of Chinese brushwork and made traditional bamboo paintings inspired by this Ming Dynasty genius.

The next Sunday Funday class is scheduled for September 19 with Faith Ringgold, paying homage to this great African American artist by using paint, paper, and fabric to tell stories inspired by her quilt patterns.

These classes are geared for ages 6 -12 and support the Gallery’s mission to engage and provide art education to the Brea Community.

District-Based Elections Public Hearing

The community is invited to learn about district-based City elections. The first Pre-Draft Map Public Hearing will take place on Monday, September 27 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, located on the first floor of the Brea Civic & Cultural Center. Come learn about the process and provide feedback on how it can shape Brea’s Community. Cannot attend the meeting? Send your thoughts to districting@cityofbrea.net.

Brea Senior Center Van Service

The Brea Senior Center Van Service has doubled in ridership providing over 200 rides to Brea senior residents during June and July. After much time of staying at home, the riders’ transportation requests show they are eager to rejoin the community they have missed. To name a few regular stops, riders use the Van Service for personal care, groceries, medical appointments, shopping, and even to enjoy Downtown Brea.

Avalon Brea Place Apartments

The Avalon Brea Place residential project site, consisting of Buildings A and B, is scheduled to be complete in early 2022. Avalon Building B contains 228 residential apartments and is located at 115 S. State College Boulevard next to the Tracks at Brea Trail. It successfully achieved an entire occupancy release and continues to demonstrate positive leasing numbers. Avalon Building A, located on 185 State College Boulevard, consists of 425 residential apartment units and will have a partial 100-unit release, providing additional units in the second phase of this project. The Avalon team continues to positively advance its construction schedule and is on track to have a partial occupancy and unit release in or after October of this year. Amenities in Building A include a rooftop deck, recreational courtyards, and will feature visible public art on Birch Street, with shared outdoor gathering space. The entire project consists of a mix of studio, one-and two-bedroom apartment homes, amenities, a parking structure, and some commercial space. Visit Avalon’s website for 3-D virtual tours.

Apollo Electric's Senior Center Donation

Apollo Electric, a local Brea business since 1966, recently donated $10,000 to the Brea Senior Center to help provide meals, nutrition resources, and related services to senior residents most in need. Their generous donation enabled the Brea Senior Center staff to meet with the residents at Breal, a low-income senior complex, for an outdoor outreach and lunch event.

The seniors enjoyed a free, special BBQ meal made by Senior Center Chef Francesco, along with gift cards from local supermarkets. Residents were also provided with information about everything offered at the Brea Senior Center, including ways to access donation-based/affordable food options and transportation services. It was an uplifting event for all the residents to attend after a challenging year of limited contact with others.

Thank you to the Apollo Electric team who made this occasion possible. Their donation will continue to provide meals, gift cards, nutrition information, and special outreach events to the senior community.

One of the thankful participants commented, “the best gifts are those that cannot be repaid, and obviously we can never repay them for this kindness.”

Brea is fortunate to have a partner like Apollo Electric as part of the community.

Replacement of the Brea Civic & Cultural Center Air Handler Unit 13

The Brea Civic & Cultural Center Air Handler Unit 13 provides air conditioning to Community Rooms A & B and the employee break room. Air Handler Unit 13 has been in service since 1980, for over 40 years. The custom-made air unit is the size of a small car. It is shipped in sections and assembled in place due to the tight confines of the mechanical rooms. Over the past four years, staff has replaced six of the 15 original Air Handler units. Each unit is unique in size and installed before walls and drywall were installed in the building, thus making each replacement challenging. Staff is working to secure more funding next fiscal year to continue this effort. There are 15 Air Handler units and 137 Variable Air Velocity controllers located throughout the Brea Civic & Cultural Center that provide air conditioning.

Resurfacing of the Sports Park Basketball Courts

Before & After

The Sports Park Basketball Courts Resurfacing Project was recently completed. This is the first time the courts have been resurfaced since the park opened. Over time, the court surface began to wear thin and became slippery for players. The new surfacing improves the user’s play experience by removing the slippery areas and allowing the players more traction, while improving the aesthetics and overall safety of the courts.