Caribbean nEWSLETTER TERM 2 2020

Welcome back to Term 2! We trust you all had a safe and relaxing holiday break. The Caribbean teaching team are looking forward to a wonderful term ahead through both on-site and home learning experiences. This newsletter outlines the Caribbean learning programs for Term 2.

who's Who in Term two

  • Miss Laura Harrison: Caribbean 5 Key Teacher Monday-Friday
  • Mrs Jamie Quinn: Caribbean 6 Key Teacher Monday-Thursday
  • Mr Tristan Wallis: Caribbean 6 Key Teacher Friday
  • Mrs Cathy Thomason: Caribbean School Learning Support Officer Monday-Friday
  • Mrs Nancy Al Tal: Caribbean School Learning Support Officer Monday-Friday
  • Mr John Burfoot: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) Teacher
  • Miss Caitlin Cockburn: Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (PDHPE) Teacher
  • Mr Phillip Tilsley: Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (PDHPE) Teacher
  • Mrs Marie King: Library Teacher

Learning From Home

What are the learning from home reqirements? The image below shows the recommendations from the NSW Department of Education. Stage 1 represents Year 1 & Year 2, Stage 2 represents Year 3 & Year 4 and Stage 3 represents Year 5 & Year 6.

Following the above guidelines, Caribbean will be providing 45 minutes of English, 30 minutes of Mathematics and 30-60 minutes of other KLAs each day.

This term, learning from home will be facilitated via Google Classroom. In an attempt to streamline the lessons, the education platform 'Stile' will be used for many of the online lessons. Learning away from the screen has been another focus from our staff this term. SeeSaw will continue to be utilised to share learning experiences from school to home.

Learning activities will continue to be targeted at each students academic level. 'I can statements' will be used to support students by clearly stating what they need to learn. The National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions are used to personalise the content for each student in Caribbean. The content of 'Other KLAs' as defined above, are planned and delivered at the content relating to the grade level each student is enrolled in.


Mainstream integration will continue to be a priority for Caribbean students.

From Week 3, when Anzac Park moves to 'Phase 1', students will participate in 1 hour of integration with their grade peers during their one on-site learning day per week.

monster Tray

Monster Tray activities will be delivered in three categories.

  1. Reading Activity comprising of reading with teacher, reading with a parent, or reading from the PM Online library.
  2. Choosing 2 Adventures comprising of a grid of four spelling activities, students select two to complete. These choices have been designed to cater for different learning strengths including; verbal, mathematical, visual/spacial, kinaesthetic, musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
  3. Help @ Home comprising of tasks that are practical skills to support being a helpful family member.


This term, the English lessons focus on writing. They cover the sub-element areas; crafting ideas, text forms and features and vocabulary. Students will be building a town then writing information reports about their town.


Students are encouraged to read every day. This can be a combination of instructional home readers and quality literature. For a huge variety of wonderful online books please see our new subscription to Story Box Library (Username & Password both: anzacpark)


This term, the Mathematics lessons cover the sub element areas; additive strategies, understanding units of measurement and interpreting and representing data.

Creative Arts

This term, students will complete a series of at home music and drama activities.


This term, students will be completing a range of mindfulness activities.


This term, students will be creating 'bumpy books' made from animal and plant based fibres.

Life Skills

This term, students will complete a series of lessons to support some core life skills. These lessons include:

  • social distancing
  • using a tissue
  • asking for help
  • sharing
  • turn taking
  • packing away
  • tying shoelaces
  • asking someone to play
The Caribbean team are excited for a terrific term of learning. We look forward to working with you and your child throughout this term!

Should you have any further questions, please contact your child's key teacher or the Acting Assistant Principal - Inclusive Education: Renee Vandenberg (renee.vandenberg1@det.nsw.edu.au)


Created with images by Shane Rounce - "Team building at RGB Parkour Tour back in 2014." • Jess Bailey - "Journal it" • Gayatri Malhotra - "untitled image" • Joshua Hanson - "untitled image" • Chandan Chaurasia - "Trekking trail and deep forest jungle (also used as vehicle road sometimes) from Tansen to Rani Mahal/Kali Gandaki river banks" • Erol Ahmed - "Fragrant bay leaves grow on large deciduous trees. When collected, they can be dried and added to recipes for a herbal flavor and scent. I collected these from the San Francisco Flower Market and clipped them off the branches. I hope they all dry well for cooking." • 莎莉 彭 - "untitled image"