3:44 am Yay research

So basically this entire week was about researching for our papers, which I really don't mind doing at all. I kind of like research and learning new things especially when it's about a topic I am interested in (like Game of Thrones characters). I managed to finish three of my sources for Raid 4 on Sunday and then I put off three for Monday. So now I'm starting this Journey Log at 3:44 am because I decided to listen to a three hour podcast on Dr. Kirk Honda giving a psychoanalysis of Ramsay Bolton and then use it as one of my sources. Which is WAY harder than you'd think it is... there was no script anywhere so I had to keep searching through the different parts of the podcast to try and find what I was looking for and then type up everything he said that I wanted to include in my summary and quotes so then that took me a little over two hours.

This is me loving life and Snapchat filters

Research is actually harder than I thought it would be. There isn't much out there on specifically Ramsay so I mostly just found articles and studies on different psychological disorders to try and diagnose him myself and then relate that to his upbringing and influence of society. The book that was uploaded to the Drive was really interesting and I actually read a lot of it, even though I only used Chapter 4 in my paper.

“[The world] is torn apart by constant warring and political maneuvering. Those with exceptional luck and virtù survive, while others become victims of the conflict.”

Chapter 4 was all about Machiavelli's The Prince, which I remember having to read my freshman year of high school for summer reading. I HATED that book with a passion because it was really hard to read and also being 14 years old I couldn't really care less about how I was supposed to rule my kingdom (sorry Niccolo). But now, reading that chapter about virtù, fortuna, morality, etc. I was very intrigued and it made a lot of sense to me. All of the examples with the characters in Game of Thrones helped me to understand the concepts and I think I was able to make some really good connections to the Westeros world and how the characters are all influenced.

I think I'm only at 380 words ish but my brain is starting to lose function so I'm gonna go to sleep and next week I'll do myself a favor and not do this on Monday night.


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