Tuning The town Fiona Hurless, Mother McAuley

Vance Music Center serves musicians of all kinds across the Bloomington area. Although the store originally opened in 1948, the current owners, Linda and Phil Guase, have owned the store since 1995 and work there along with their son Eric.
Although Vance Music Center's selection of guitars is by far their largest, they have numerous drums, keyboards, and sound systems in varying condition from new to consigned.
Carefully wielding a tool, owner Phil Gause puts his final touches on tuning a green violin. The Vance Music Center has had a repair shop in the back that attracts almost just as much business as the instruments in their window.
In the guitar section of Vance Music Center, Billy Merc carefully listens to the sound of a consigned guitar. His passion for classic rock and music history both influence not only the music he makes but the sound he desires from guitars as well.
Linda Gause rings up a young musician. The store sees a variety of customers from young musicians in lessons to experienced professionals.
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Fiona Hurless

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