Ottawa Capital of canada

The Enviromental features thaT made people settle here would be the mountains and rivers. They are right neXt to the ottawa river. The mounatins keep them from miving and settling in a DIFFERENT place
The major water waY that affects them is the ottawa river. They move here because It was easy to ACCESS aNd get water.
The landform that affects them the most is the st lawence lowlands. This Gives lots of peopel Outside Of the city a job farming since they haVe fertile laNd.
The climate in ottawa is alot like here. They have cold winters and warm summers. This makes it alot easIEr to settle her e unlike in northern canada. People who live around here also can have more jobs beacuse of the climate
One of ottawas most important natRual resources is oil and mining. Alot of peopLe movE here and live in here so they can work in mines.


Created with images by SEDACMaps - "Canada: Population Density, 2000"

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