Political and Economic Issues By Renae


- The Democratic Party was so strong in Texas that every governor elected between 1845 and 1857 were democrat.

- Because they usually had little to fear from opposing political groups, the Democrats often fought among themselves

- In its absence, many Whigs in the North joined the newly formed Republican Party.

- Republicans believed that slavery should be banned in all states and territories of the United States

- In the mid-1850s a third party, the American Party, were more commonly called the Know-Nothing Party, entered the U.S political scene

This is a picture of Elisha M. Pease

More Facts

- In 1853, Texans elected Elisha M. Pease to the state's highest office.

- Pease was an active popular governor who supported education and other reforms.

- Texans used its public lands to pay of its remaining debt, to promote education, and to improve life

- Political parties became active in Texas for the first time after annexation.

- Additional land was designated for roads, harbors, and railroads

This is a picture of the Governor's Mansion where the Elisha M. Pease lived. He was the first to live in here.

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