Out Of Line By Advent

Naked And Cold

2009 | Punk

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“You say freedom isn’t free, but who the Son sets free is free indeed. -- We’re freed by His name, not by homeland security. -- I will never be ashamed of My Redeemer’s mighty name and I will never run and hide...hide under the flag of violent pride.”


  • Advent is a christian hardcore band from Kernersville, North Carolina formed in 2005.
  • Vocalist Joe Musten is also formerly of Beloved and The Almost and is a member of Torn as well.
  • The band disbanded in 2011 but reformed in 2015 moving from Solid State Records to Bridge 9.


Luke Tatum

"To question is the greatest of sins." This seems to be the actual attitude of several in lofty government positions. Intense and on point. And of course, pretty heavy stuff for Christian metal. I always appreciate breaking with stereotypes, and this is the closest thing to "Christian Slayer" I've heard in a long time. It's also fantastic to build my repertoire of "I will not comply" music, and with lyrics like "I stand against the blind allegiance to a nation that kills its children," this qualifies pretty easily.

Sherry Voluntary

This is another screamer that I really wish was more understandable because the lyrics are on fire! So many people give lip service to their Christian values, but are on board for every violent action that The State takes. “It’s your call to be true to red, white and blue. But is there something truly wrong when we drape the flag over the Cross? You say freedom isn’t free, but who the Son sets free is free indeed. We’re freed by His name, not by homeland security.” This excoriating indictment of those who have replaced their Christianity with Christo-Statism is so on point. I’ve actually been in churches where there is a flag at the altar. This is a feature of the indoctrination of civil religion. Politicians have been using the words of faith to blend the ideas of State and Religion for a long time. The Battle hymn of the Republic is a good example. Written in 1865 by Julia Ward Howe, it was intended as a pro-Republic, anti-slavery song, but the words are very telling. “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord, / He is trampling out the vintage / where the grapes of wrath are stored, He hath loosed the fateful lightning / of His terrible swift sword, / His truth is marching on.” As you can see there is already a blurring of The State and Christianity and His truth is equated with the desires and intentions of The State. This is always bad news and every effort should be made to combat the mixing of the two. Statism really is the most dangerous superstition. It is the religion of the masses and gives an excuse for every bad thing the political elite want to do. After all, if you speak for God, who can argue with you or your plans.

Nicky P

Alright I'm sure you're all waiting for the atheist to chime in with his anti-christian babble right? Well, good former catholic that I am, I'm prolly far more interested in religion from an academic sense than most. I'm personally very fond of the No King but Christ crowd. I'll begrudge no one for their beliefs so long as they are honestly felt and adhered to. It never made sense to me that people would worship the state when the we're god-fearing people. No justification ever made sense. Now, I might be predisposed to think of religion as an anthropologic necessity, an anachronism from a time before. I feel the same about government, it's an old fashioned idea like bloodletting, that we should be rid of before it can do any more damage to humanity. Arguably all the worst sins of religion seem to be more integral to politics and government than they are to faith. Governments will utilize whatever they can to get you to do their biding.

Guest Writer: Stephen @ anarchochristian.com

“Out of line” is as unrelenting, musically, as it is lyrically. Naked and Cold was my introduction to Advent, and it’s still an album I recommend when someone is looking for something new, ten years later. This song sprinkles in multiple change ups, yet maintains Advent’s driving metallic hardcore sound.

And it’s angry. It sounds angry, and its lyrics are angry. No punches are pulled as the idea of a Christian Nation that covers up its lies with a flag, are called out. American Statism in a Christian veneer is today’s deadliest lie in and outside of the church, and this song hammers it home for me. Musten makes his stand clear: he is stepping out of the line that covers up the nation’s murder for profit with idolatry.

The best part of Christians sounding the whistle on this behavior, is that we can accurately express that this is not what our faith is supposed to be. As Christians, we stand firm out of that line. And it’s okay to be angry about it. We show love for those that are harmed or mislead by Statism masquerading as our faith, but we also crank up the stereo or meet up at the show to shout our disgust.

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Nicky P

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