Laura & Matthew Engagement

When the young folk start talking about getting married, its a good excuse to have a party. Thats exactly what happened on Saturday. Lorraine and I got Laura and Matthew to come down to Banbridge for an engagement photo, which created the time needed to get Laura's house ready for the party. The weather was awful, so we had to take most of. the photos indoors.

Laura & Matthew were quite relaxed and seemed to enjoy taking part. We made use of the big window at the coffee dock @ Ballydown, which gave use plenty of nice light, but kept us out of the elements. There had been a wedding the day before, so we were able to make use of some of the flower arrangements left behind.

It turned out to be a great night, with all sorts of fun and games. Terry was even able to join us for a while. That was a big effort for him, especially as it is still early days with his recovery. There was plenty of food and everyone mucked in and gave a hand.

Rachel and Alanna, had organised some Mr & Mrs games and one of the challenges was to design wedding attire, using very little by way of materials. I think everyone agreed Laura came off the best.

For me it was great to see the next generation getting involved. Nathan and Sarah had a great time, and were in the middle of everything going on.

Best wishes to Laura & Matthew.


Photos John & Lorraine lewis

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