Danny Lyon By: Nicholas lacayo

1. His real name is Danny Lyon and he was born March 16, 1962. He lives in New York and yes he is sill alive.

2. He was a photographer and a film maker , his style was New Journalism and he was an American photographer.

3. The way he took pictures was he took personal snap shots and made them into collages and he also put his pictures into books. He put his pictures into a documentary also.

4. He was an American photographer and he worked for exhibits and he took a big part in the Civil Rights movement.

5. The camera that he used was an Exa single reflex.

6. It doesn't really talk about the lighting but he did sometimes blur his photos to make them look better.

7. He inspired him self to go out at an early age to go take pictures

8. There are a lot of great things about Danny Lyon he was an America Photographer and he took a really big part in the Civil Rights Movement but inspiring people with his photos.

9. What i like about Danny Lyon was that he was an America Photographer and he impacted the world by being in the Civil Rights movement. He was an original person and he loved what he did.


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