My Experience With Technology argya - grade 8

Modern technology. It helps with everyday life, and has successfully been integrated into our lives, even to our learning in schools. But it must be used with care.

So, what have I been able to make with technology so far?

Throughout this semester, we have been tasked to create a few things - some rather easy, and some not so much.

During the first term, one of our assignments was to use a drawing software to create some images. Now, let me show an example.

Now, incase you're curious, this is a digital drawing of "Teemo" in the style of the "dolan" meme.

After we had finished creating 3 digital drawings with a program or site of our choice, we had to create websites. For this, we used "" which is a website designed to, well, create websites.

A screenshot of the top of the home page which, as shown in the text above, shows a 60fps gif of the bar fight scene from the movie "Kingsman", just for satisfaction of the viewer, of course.

Now, I'm not entirely sure if it was during the first or second term, but we also used "Wordpress" to create a website. Here, let me bring up a screenshot of it.

Here you go, a screenshot of the home page. Honestly, I don't use the blog all that often unless we have to, but here you go anyway. Don't mind the not-so-nice text there, either.

Now for the second term - for sure, this time - we had to make a website using "Weebly" to showcase and advertise the beauty of our country (in which case Zane also made one for Yemen.)

Following this continuous trend, here's a screenshot of the home page! Yes, it may seem odd but isn't everything I've done rather odd so far?

Now last, but not least, is Adobe Spark. We used it to make a few things, like posters, videos and pages - much like what you are viewing now, which is actually a valid example, I guess - and I enjoy it a bit. But what I honestly dislike it that I have to login with my gmail every time I change a page. Every. Time. It gets rather annoying, really.

Some posters featuring quotes that I made - not the quotes, except for the second picture, probably - with Adobe Spark.

If you'd like an example of a page, you're looking at one right now, duh. And due to the problem stated above, I'd rather not waste time getting the link for the video I created as I have 13 minutes left by the time I finish typing this sentence. -.-.-.- Hm, what's next... 5 useful apps? Well, here they are;

easy to make multiple documents, easy to share documents, and helpful for group work. Files are stored online, so no need to worry over forgetting and leaving them at home.
easy to use, can make simple video presentations, posters and pages. Files are stored online as well.
easy to see if we have assignments and easy to turn in assignments.
easy to make, fun to play and can find a wide variety of topics.
easy presentations, and helpful for group projects. Also don't need to worry over forgetting the files at home since they are saved online.

As you can see, Google is pretty helpful for school. Also, considering I don't have any time left, this is where this page ends. Thanks for reading through it, though!

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