Niger vs. Somalia life expectancy and income per capita By: Mohamad Osman and Nicholas Rego

Introduction Comparison

The income per person slightly rose in both somalia and niger within the past 5 years, and the life expectancy also slightly rose in both Niger and Somalia within the past 5 years.Our hypothesis: this may mean that the country may not have the technology or money to create good, well paying jobs, have good health care and clean water so the citizens can live longer. but the life expectancy in Niger is much greater than in Somalia even though the income per capital are around the same average.(niger life expectancy:63 years average income:$923. somalia average life expectancy: 58 average income:$619)

Suffering Kids in Somalia

Somalia life expectancy

In Somalia there is currently a civil war, which is being called the worst humanitarian crisis since World war 2. this dramatically reduce the life expectancy and is one of the reasons Niger has a higher life expectancy, even though the income per person barley differs. In fact its estimated that a total of 500,000 have died since the start of the Somalian civil war. ( the war doesn't only lower the life life expectancy for the people who die from it but every on living in that country. the war rises the price for food water and other necessary essentials. This means that every one who was already struggling to survive might have a much bigger problem than before.

Niger life expectancy

Niger a country located in Western Africa with a population of 17.3 million people and is land locked. There life expectancy is 63 years and this could be because Niger is a developing country Niger. Both of those factors contribute to a lower life expectancy in somalia. aids in somalia is estimated to be between 43 000 and 100 000 deaths 25000 orphaned due to aids . Aids in niger 43 000 - 55 000 people 3600 deaths and 69000 orphaned due to aids. This is due to lack of birth control and education about STD in those countries. Also niger is landlocked.


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