Milan with a 16-35 zoom

Month of August, a hot day with some clouds, a free day: the perfect combination to try the Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm zoom. Since I feel the irresistible attraction of long focal lenses, I decided not to allow myself a lense change at all today.

Off to a walking tour of Milan. First stop is Parco Sempione, just a couple of warm-up shots.

A classical Milan water column and the little creek that goes through the park

The square-shaped park was originally the place-of-arms outside the castle, Castello Sforzesco, which was the next stop.

The Duke's court, inner life of the castle

The Rocchetta, the most defended inner castle and a detail of the ceiling of the portico

The castle is a castle, with walls, iron gates and embrasures

Finally, the main entrance that leads out to the square with the fountain

The EXPO gates, two modern structures constructed for EXPO 2015

Patters are obvious here

Next stop, Piazza Mercanti. The square itself is not in my photos though

The ground floor of Palazzo della Ragione
A darker version thereof
The emergency stairs, quite in a different style
Did I mention they are green?

The Duomo, the city's cathedral and its statues, gargoyles and figures

The facade from the main gate
A detail of one of the gates
Statues and gargoyles

It was full of tourists. This was not one of the liveliest corners though

Online Lonely Planet, WhatsApp or Pokémons?

A stop at a major bookstore. On the other side of the square there is an exhibit of works of M.C. Escher, but nobody seems to notice that there is something similar here too, you just have to look up.

You can even see yours truly, a trick that Escher himself has used

The bookstore is at the entrance of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Some shots of the beautiful ceiling are in order. But not only.

Symmetries, but these are too obvious
There is a shop window with hanging planets and a black background. Irresistible

Moving south, another iconic element of the skyline of the city: Torre Velasca, which sometimes you can see even when looking in the opposite direction.

Passing on the side of the church of San Nazaro in Brolo...

Is this San Nazaro himself?

.. one reaches Ca' Granda, since 1958 the central campus of the University of Milan.

Final stop of the first part of the walk, via and giardino della Guastalla, modern and old items

There was even a piece of unintended modern art

From here a long non-photographic walk to the afternoon in some modern parts of the city. First the skyscrapers in Citylife, the finished one and the one still under construction, which is now advanced enough to be photographed.

Blue sky with some clouds, the best setting
Lovely twist

Some interesting advertisement just down the road

You just need to find the right composition here

Moving on to the apartment blocks of Citylife, new angles appear

Finally, the new Portello area. First the apartment buildings, which like those above appear completely empty, more like monuments than dwelling houses.

Then the new A.C. Milan building. It is grey with red and black stripes, but not all over. So if you leave out the red, the reflected sky brings to mind the colors of another team, obviously not an intended effect.

The right colors
The wrong colors

The main square is large and empty.

What exactly this structure is I cannot say. The red block seems to be elevators and the rest a sort of elaborated and heavy umbrella for it

The rest is reflections, reflections, reflections

Clouds are your friends
I know, but who can stop?

Finally, the end of the show. Fourteen kilometres, 133 shots, aching feet. Last picture, the suspended bridge

With 19mm focal length it fits perfectly
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