Road To Nowhere Time Is Space - Part 3

In Part 3, Albert and Hugo have decided to move ahead with the RV project. This requires using Harvey's special mind - with the help of some magic mushrooms. Finally, we are introduced to Ruby Corpuscle and Halo Dave. They play a big part in this story later on. Scroll down to find links to each chapter and some background materials.
Time Is Space is just a story. Hopefully, it is a story that will make you feel, think and ultimately find hope in the human epic that we find ourselves in.



Time, quite possibly, is nothing more than a fiction of our imagination; perhaps the greatest fiction, and it is a fiction which holds our fragile society together. - Rupert Mckenna

Rupert Mckenna

Rupert Mckenna, a character who will play a more prominent role later in the story, explains his theory regarding time.

Albert Lorenz, who is a borderline megalomaniac, explains the simulation argument to Hugo.

Hugo doesn't fully comprehend, but it doesn't really matter because the operation is a go and this means action in the field.

Background Materials

The story is a science fiction - meandering through psychological gorges and therefore often times slow - thriller. So, it might be helpful at times to watch and read some of the material offered to give some background to the more theoretical parts of the story.

This chapter has a preoccupation with the simulation argument and, indirectly, the Fermi Paradox. I am fascinated by both of these concepts because they are such great treasure troves for telling wild stories. Like most of the materials used for the background of this story, I don't fully comprehend them and, at times, I find them a little frightening. However, I have the wonderful childish ability to just not care that much. So, it is better you muddle around, watching the videos and reading the materials, as they will be much better at getting you confused and terrified then I would.

NOTE: I think you should be a little careful and not get too carried away with these ideas. Fascinating as they are, they can unhinge you from reality if taken too seriously, and that isn't a very good idea.

I have included some Terrence Mckenna links. He and Rupert Sheldrake have been melted into one character, Rupert Mckenna, who I have an undying love for. I don't understand their theories and I can't take them very seriously at all, but I just love their maverick nature and I can't help but think that although they are quite probably mad as hatters, they are onto something. Again, like the other theories, read them, have an open mind and like everything else in this world, make up your own mind.

Nick Bostrom- The Simulation Argument

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - Fermi Paradox 1 and 2





Quantum Entanglement Fuel

Chapter 8


The cellular walls, which conspire to build a homeostatic system, thereby producing a self, were about to burst open.

Chester Field

Chester Field's RV has been refitted for something more than just casual travel. Hugo and Albert have modified it for the ultimate road trip.

Hugo Bones
Quantum Entanglement Fuel

Hugo has spiked Harvey's beer with some magic mushrooms. It is hoped that this will allow GRRLS, the onboard quantum digital assistant, to make a quantum entanglement with Harvey.

Harvey Kalapski

As Harvey is beginning to peak, GRRLS begins the process of quantum entanglement. This increases the power of the RV and allows them to move out onto the highway.

Background Materials

This chapter explores quantum entanglement. This is a fascinating subject and it is a large part of the story I am telling. Normally, as a fiction writer, one only has to loosely base the story on half truths. However, as with anything quantum related, the truths are loosely based on half truths allowing for great leeway in the writing of the story. This, as it turns out, is a big bonus for me because as soon as I start thinking about quantum mechanics, my mind explodes with possibilities leading to many story plots and subplots. This is only good on the creative side, however, because when I try to understand it, I find the need to drink a bottle of scotch and chase it with a couple hits of acid.

There are countless videos on YouTube based on the subject. Some are very good, others not so much. I have linked two simpler and shorter videos which should give you a good start towards completely messing up your mind. Anything quantum is very, very strange.

Quantum Entanglement & Spooky Action at a Distance - Veritasium

Quantum Entanglement and the Great Bohr-Einstein Debate - PBS Space Time


Quantum Entanglement Theory

Specific Concepts And Applications

Quantum Entangled Algorithms



“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data” - Ruby Corpuscle

Ruby Corpuscle

Ruby Corpuscle, an AI engineer, is explaining to Halo Dave, an AI robot, why humans are not perfect.

Halo Dave

Halo Dave, who has a powerful quantum computer running complex algorithms, is not quite certain about anything.

His pondering leads to questions about the very nature of the universe including the essence of matter and the existence of God.

Background Materials

This chapter revolves around AI or, at least, an AI robot. AI is another large part of the story and is a great plot device. Again, I have enrolled in an EDx course on AI (I miss too many classes though!) in order to try and get me up to speed. As usual, most of the material sails over my head, but I manage to grab enough to make a half hearted attempt at making the story somewhat believable. The story actually borders on fantasy because of my severe lack of scientific grounding. You shouldn't make the same mistake so watch the videos and do the reading.

The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn - Jeremy Howard

Can robots be creative? - Gil Weinberg

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence - Off Book - PBS Digital Studios


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