Seniors share security sentiments Government students express their thoughts on administration and gun violence

In the wake the Parkland, Florida shooting, seniors in Geof Land’s government class reflect on their feelings about school security and gun violence in America.

Cole Hangos (left), Goretti Calvo (center) Christian Fay (right)

“I don't feel safer. I feel like that every time the fire alarm gets pulled, my heart starts pacing faster and faster.”- Christian Fay

“The Administration should have a better dialogue with its students, especially if it regards out safety.” - Goretti Calvo

“Your gun cannot replace a human life.” - Cole Hangos

Hannah Holmes ( left), Daniel Mendez (center), Luis Trejo (right)

“What we really need is highly trained security, better safety systems, and a lot more effect from congress to ensure the students safety.” - Hannah Holmes

“After Columbine, a phrase was developed, ‘post-Columbine.’ There was ‘post-Columbine’ school policies, ‘post-Columbine’ sentiment, ect. There will not be a ‘post-Parkland’ classification, even if more people died. Why? Because this is the new normal.” - Daniel Mendez

“Actions speak louder than words, safety is barley present, and should be increased by maintenance of security and school alarms.” - Luis Trejo

Tanner Nelson (left), Dianna Gonzalez (right)

“I’d feel safer if my teachers were trained and registered to use a firearm.” - Tanner Nelson

“Once you are placed in a dangerous situation, one must take action to prevent disaster. So I feel like we must do more as a student body to protect lives.” - Dianna Gonzalez

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Photos by Kathryn Varian

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