Reading Girls' School newsletter - 15 january 2021

Principal's message: "BIGGER & BETTER than before!"

Lesson Engagement and School Community...


Whilst there will always be access logistical issues with live lessons, we were adamant that our focus during this lockdown would be ensuring high quality delivery of and engagement in lessons.

In last week’s assemblies, we launched our STAR STUDENT programme. In short, teachers are nominating a star student in their lesson for a whole variety of reasons. I am so proud and pleased to say that we had 90 STAR STUDENTS in just 4 days this week.

Parents can see the full list of pupils below, the subject/s in which the girls were STARS and the reason.

To generate a fair competition based on the size of year groups, we have split the school into Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

In addition, special mention goes to Year 7 and 8 girls who received more than one STAR STUDENT certificate:

Saleha Ahmad, Yr 8 STAR STUDENT of Psychology, had her certificate and a goodie bag delivered to home this week.


We are challenging the girls to collect all 10 mindfulness colouring animals? Each time they receive a star student reward, they will also receive a mindfulness colouring animal. They need to collect all 10, colour them in and send a picture of all 10 completed to Mr. Smith to win a prize!

Mindfulness Colouring Animals to collect include: Koala Bear, Poodle, Horse, Iguana, Turtle, Elephant, Peacock, Lion, Cockatoo and Butterfly.


A special thanks to Mrs Van Wyngaardt for imparting her expert knowledge on how to kickstart our day with a healthy breakfast. Thank you so much also to Katie Afonso, Year 9 for leading the breakfast club Yoga session on Thursday.

Manasvi, Year 8 clearly enjoyed the 'Sally-up, Sally-down' challenge.


Here’s what some of the girls have been doing of part of their well-being pledges this week….

Irsa Sohail’s cupcakes
Shruti Shrestha made her own Birthday cake!! Happy birthday!
Lexi Hunt, doing the housework
Charis Yuille helping wash-up
Mahnoor Awais cooked dinner
Saumya Shetty washed-up
Aiyana Sanchez washed-up
Annie Hickey-White made family lunch

WEEKLY CHALLENGE – ‘Sensational snaps’…

We launched our Weekly challenges this week with 'Sensational Snaps'. The girls were challenged to send us any pictures they have taken that are unusual or sensational. We had some stunning pictures and some amazing feats of photography! The response was so impressive, that we are keeping this challenge open so that girls can submit photos over the coming weeks to show us their talents. Well done girls!

Sensational snaps: Patricia Felei - Year 9
Sensational snaps: Patricia Felei - Year 9
Sensational snaps: Violet Jones – year 8
Sensational snaps: Amna Bhatti – year 8
Sensational snaps: Lizzy Sanyu - Year 7
Sensational snaps: Manasvi Makkar - Year 8
Sensational snaps: Mona Hegab - Year 10

NEXT WEEK’S CHALLENGE - Spot the Difference…

We will challenge the girls to a daily 'spot the difference' scenario on the Weekly Challenges Teams… 👀

Jon Gargan, Principal

The Monster Hunt

During students' online lessons teachers have placed 'monsters' onto their learning resources (for example, power points). Students are encouraged to find the 'monsters' and submit their findings using the online Monster Hunt Form. Each year group has a different monster to hunt for. At the end of the term, one student from each year group, will be selected at random to win a prize.

Online Praise Cards

Students will be rewarded with online ‘praise cards’ for verbal and/or written responses into the 'chat'. Students collect their ‘praise cards’ and copy them into their electronic ‘praise card' record. At the end of the term, one student from each year group, will be selected at random to win a prize.

Online Praises

Wellbeing Day - Wednesday 20th January