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What this project was based on was working on the basics of exterior portrait shots. We had to pick a partner in our class and take portrait shots of them around campus. There was no limit on the amount of photos that we were allowed to take but at the end of it all we had to turn in 6 pictures and these are my 6 portrait shots of my friend Nick.

While walking around showing us different spots we could use to take our pictures at, my teacher Mr. P showed us this interesting tree that we could climb and I instantly knew that I wanted one of my pictures to be from this tree. So I climbed into the tree and told Nick to stand at the base and I positioned him slightly to the side to make it a little more interesting.

F-Stop - f/5.6 Shutter Speed - 1/125 sec ISO - 400

For this picture we were walking around trying to find interesting backgrounds and decent spots to sit. We stumbled upon this sewage grate and thought the trees created an interesting angled looking background and broke up the pattern of color without being too distracting.

F-Stop - f/4.5 Shutter Speed - 1/250 sec ISO - 400

F-Stop - f/4.5 Shutter Speed - 1/250 sec ISO - 400

My friend that I was taking pictures of has a very odd obsession with Boca pictures so we were walking around for a while looking for interesting backgrounds for Boca. We found this bush and the yellow flowers contrasted well with the green leaves allowing a fairly decent Boca effect.

This picture we actually ventured slightly off campus for this one because I knew of an interesting spot for outdoor portrait pictures. I knew the trees would allow for a nice full and non distracting background. However I did not account for the small pockets of sunshine which is something I didn't like about this picture.

F-Stop - f/8 Shutter Speed - 1/50 sec ISO - 100

F-Stop - f/5.6 Shutter Speed - 1/500 sec ISO - 200

While we were walking around I saw these two bushes side by side and from the help of my teacher telling me that the red bush to the right was a great place for portraits and I wanted to give it a shot. I decided to take it slightly from the side because I thought the combinations and contrast of the two bushes created a different and unique yet functional background.

This shot in particular was not actually posed, this is in fact a candid shot. In the middle of us shooting he looked up to his friend behind me and made a silly face and decided to snap a quick picture cause why not and it actually turned out ok. I really like this shot because he didn't want to smile for me at and I finally got him to smile even though it was candid. However I did go a little overboard when photoshopping his teeth to make them whiter.

F-Stop - f/5 Shutter Speed - 1/400 sec ISO - 400

This project taught me to be very patient with other people (referring to my partner not wanting to smile ever) and to be more creative and also to be very weary of other peoples feelings and opinions. Because when you're taking pictures of someone, especially for portraits, you really have to respect their opinion of your picture about THEM, that's the key part. The picture is of them and therefore their opinion is life or death for your pictures. My only advice for beginning students would be to work with someone who 1. you are comfortable with and vice versa 2. Try to make sure they are at least some what open about having pictures taken of them and if not, soften them up, make them feel good about themselves so they're willing to have pictures taken of them and 3. Like I said be very weary of their opinion of the pictures because even if you think its a good picture you shouldn't use it out of respect for them.

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