What is in the Constitution?

Article 1

The Congress was separated into two houses The House of Representatives and the Congress.

The House of Representatives has members that are chosen every two years. You have to be above twenty five to be a Representative and you have to be a citizen for seven years. Each state has at least one Representative.

The Senate is composed of two Senators from each state. The Senator serves for six years and each Senator has one vote. The Senate is divided equally into three classes the first class,second class,and third class. No person can be a Senator if they are under thirty. Also that they have to be a U.S citizen for nine years.

"When the President is tried the Chief Justice shall preside." The Chief Justice resides over the Judicial Branch. Nobody can be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present. When impeached it shall not extend further than from removal of Office. Congress meets once every year on the first Monday of December.

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