The Discovery Issue

Spring 2017

Peter Venoutsos
We celebrate 100 years since the US Navy introduced the Mark V diving suit
Underwater Photographer of the Year

Above: Underwater Photographer of the Year, 2017 'Dancing Octopus' by Gabriel Barathieu (France)

Some of the Underwater Photographer of the Year winners…
'Oceanic In The Sky' by Horacio Martinez (Argentina)
Left, 'One In A Million' by Ron Watkins (USA); Right, 'Sunshine After The Storm' by Mario Vitalini (UK)
Left, 'Prey?' by So Yat Wai (Hong Kong); Right, 'Graceful Ballet' by Jenny Stromvoll (Mozambique)
Douglas David Seifert discovers the thriving reefs of the Jardines de la Reina in Cuba
The American crocodile can reach more than 6m in length
Clockwise from top, schoolmaster snapper are commonplace on the lush reefs of Cuba; right, silky sharks can frequently be seen on safety stops at the dive sites adjacent to deep water; left, the red hind is a member of the grouper family and an inquisitive reef predator

Izucaris masudai, 1999

The start of this century has been a boom time for discovering new species in our oceans. Richard Smith introduces some of his favourite marine debutants…
Clockwise from top, nudibranch (Tambja sp); bryozoan goby (Sueviota bryozophila, 2016); alfa's flasher wrasse (Paracheilinus alfiani, 2016) and Caitlin's dottyback (Pictichromis caitlinae, 2008)

The archaeologists and divers excavate a series of trenches / Brett Seymour

For the last three years an international team of divers and marine archaeologists has been using 21st century technology to explore the richest and largest Ancient Greek shipwreck of all time
Left: A hoard of 36 silver coins allowed relatively precise dating of the shipwreck to 60-65BC (Louise Murray); centre, recovery of the AUV (Brendan Foley); right, diving operations Phil Short inspects amphorae on the wreck (Brett Seymour)
Left: the skull and bones from an arm and a leg in situ of the wreck; right, archaeologists excavate skeletal remains (Brett Seymour)

'Dark Water', acrylic on canvas

Diver and artist Eileen Budd talks about her fascination with the underwater world and how it inspires her work
Clockwise from top left, 'Hammers'; Jerrie Cobb; Lotte Hass and 'Significant Jellyfish', all acrylic on canvas
A lightweight travel BCD makes the perfect choice for warm-water recreational diving. Mark 'Crowley' Russell looks at the options
Left, AP Diving Commando Escape; Right, Aqua Lung Zuma
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