Describe What does this mean?

Is this what you look like when your Assessor asks you to describe something? Like, "Huh"! Well, this is not new and you are not alone, so let's clear this up a little.

Start Thinking about what you are describing and its features


1. Explaining what you see.

2. State some of the Features using the FIVE senses of: Taste, Touch, Smell, See, and Hear.

For Example:

The picture is very bright and makes you want to reach into the screen and dip your bread in the humous selections. The Avocado Humous is a light green creamy colour, the watercress looks so fresh I can taste the crunch already. From the picture the sprinkles look like nuts and that must add texture to the Humous. Those Marigold flowers really make the picture pop.

By describing an object or a process in detail, the reader can develop an understanding of what you describe more vividly (more clearly).

By using examples, it also makes your description clearer.

The Strawberry is red like a lovely rose

Pin down the concepts by making sure you understand what you have written too.

Read your own work first before submitting!
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