A good deed for a teacher in need By: Carlos-Eduardo Lopez, CaMeron Carlo, Mark Duran, Abraham Iguere, and Adrian IdrOvo

In simplest terms, our project consists of our group tracking down the elusive Güti. Upon encounter, we presented him with a family size pack of double stuffed Oreos.

The four pillars of giftisim

Abraham: In our project we moved from consumption (consuming the Oreos for ourselves) to contribution (giving the Oreos to the Güti).

Cameron: In our project we turned what would conventionally be a transaction of tender in exchange for the Oreos into a trusting deal where we give the pack away in exchange for the knowledge of making Güti smile.

Carlos: My group moved Mr. Gutierrez from being isolated at his desk after school into a community of students willing to give him a giant pack of family sized Oreos.

Adrian: As a group we moved changed from having a scarcity of Oreos for Mr. Gutierrez into an abundance of his favorite cookies. 

Expectations and What we have learned

Mark: I expected Mr. Gutierrez to be surprised. I learned that one simple act of kindness can go a long way.

Cameron: I initially thought Mr, Gutierrez would think this is a joke but turns out he loved our little gift. I learned about the satisfaction from making someone smile.

Abraham: At first I thought Mr. Gutierrez would just laugh but he was actually quite surprised. I aqired knowledge about making people happy.

Adrian: To be completely honest I know from the start this would make his day knowing his love for Oreos.

Carlos: I expect this project would make his day or perhaps even his week! From this assignment I learned on the importance of giftisim to another person which could really use a gift.

Before and after :)

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