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Soccer. One of the most well known sports in the world. It has two teams of 11 players on the field at a time. Although in North America this game is called soccer, the rest of the world calls it football. The game has strict rules for the player to follow and there are penalties for breaking those rules. Soccer always has to be played in a rectangular field that has two goals on each side along with a spherical ball. Read on to find out more about this exciting and very fun type of game and to learn more about its rules and regulations, the required equipment, and the skills.

Rules and regulations

Soccer is played on a field that is usually 30 yards wide and 70-100 yards long. The game is 90 minutes along, with a half-time break at the 45th minute. The objective in a soccer game is to score as many goals as you can by kicking the ball into the opposing team's goal.

Rules and regulations are very important because if a player doesn't follow them, he might get kicked out of the game. There are many reasons the player will be dismissed from the game. For instance, if the player injures another player one time, he will get a yellow card as a warning. If he does it for the second time, he will gain another yellow card, as a second warning. Eventually, if he does it for the third time, he will get a red card and will be kicked out of the game. Sometimes, if the injury is too aggressive, the player will get an automatic red card without a warning yellow card. With the acceptation of the goal keeper, remember not touch or hold the ball with your hands.

Another type of penalty a player can get is for being offside. An offside happens when he kicks or passes beyond the last defender. If the player does pass or kick past the last defender and he scores, the goal is not counted. You may be wondering what a defender is. Defenders are the three or four players in front of the goal trying to prevent the ball from getting past them.


Players need very little equipment to play soccer. The equipment are mainly two things: a space and a ball. If the soccer game is professional, it needs to be hosted in a huge stadium. The players may sprint 6-7 miles in a game so they need to be energized. Soccer players need cleats to have more traction on the field. The reason they need more traction on the field is because if it rained a few days before the game or any other reasons to cause the field to be muddy, they don't wanna slip and fall.

Soccer Skills

There are many skills and moves need to be attempted in soccer. One of the moves called a Meg, which is specifically when the player passes the ball between the opponent's legs trying to acquire the ball for him self. Another type of skill or move is called a Rainbow Flick, in details, if the player puts his right foot right next the ball facing right and left foot facing forward, then he can bring up his right foot and kick the ball from behind with his left foot. It is called the Rainbow Flick because the player needs to flick the ball over his head and make the ball go in the shape of a rainbow. Another interesting skill the player needs to enjoy is a Rabona kick. Which is If the player kicks the ball from behind his other leg, like how it shows in the picture, the player can have more control of the ball direction. The player can try to confuse his opponent by making a circle around the ball, and to make it look like he is passing, as if they are doing around the world but on the floor. The skill around the world is when the player is juggling the ball then he lifts his feet and goes around the ball or world. These are all the important and interesting skills that every soccer player needs to enjoy and mastered for him to become capable and star in soccer.


Soccer games is one of the most interesting, lovable and desired game in every country, that all different age of people can practice easily. Whether it is played in an indoor field, out door field, or even in the neighborhoods out in the street, every one can play soccer. Through practicing the game, he/she can master the skills and the moves of the game easily and smoothly. Soccer works out all the muscles and keeps the player always happy, fit and healthy. In a soccer game, a player will meet new people and make new friends. So, are you gonna try soccer?


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