Florida Museum of Natural History Madison Evens

Me in the butterfly garden.

The butterfly exhibit was particularly appealing to me. When you walk in, you feel a sense of calmness and peacefulness. I felt so calm and at peace because it was like I was separated from the real world and like nothing from the outside could affect me. The design of the garden was pretty and it felt like such a friendly environment. There were so many cool looking butterflies that stood out due to the contrast between their bright colors and the green and brown plants behind them. If I had not gone and seen that exhibit in person and only saw pictures of it, I do not think I would have learned how delicate and unique butterflies are. I found just watching the butterflies fly around so calming that it was just enjoyable to stand there and observe.

I think the way the Natural History Museum having the butterfly garden helped me love, respect and admire the land because the butterflies were obviously not being harmed in anyway. So I do think it provided me the opportunity to experience nature in the way Leopold recommends. The only part that I believe did not follow this was the boxes of the dead butterflies. For some reason that bothered me. I do not think keeping them in these boxes really respects them. Other people did not visibly seem like this bothered them, but neither did I. I kept this opinion to myself until now. The museum did allow us to connect with nature, especially in the butterfly exhibit. They said that the butterflies may land on us. Although none landed on me which I was a little sad about. Other people in this exhibit had butterflies land on them and they seemed really excited about it. I would have been that excited if one landed on me. My experience at the museum did instill an ethical responsibility to nature because it opened my eyes towards how much the museum workers cared about the butterflies causing me to care about them so much as well.

Museums are amazing because we get to see things that do not actually exist anymore. The fact that museums have fossils from animals that are now extinct allows us to step out of our ordinary lives. When in my normal everyday life do I get to see the fossil of a mammoths like in my picture above. Never that i when. Honestly seeing fossils makes the world seem so much more mysterious because it is unknown why some animals go extinct. It just blows my mind that archaeologists are able to find bones from long times ago and put them together to form animals. Seeing these fossils made me realize how majestical the world really is.

I just really liked the sign to the museum.
Thought this butterfly looked really pretty.

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