how air planes changed over time by sevilla creasey

hello most of you have been on a plane before but do you know all about them well I am going to tell you a bit about them.Some facts about the first plane is the first flight only lasted 12 seconds .It also only got about 10 feet in the air.Next the flyer had propellers the first plane was invented in 1505.It took about 10-12 years to get built. That is all about the first plane.

The second plane was a bit better and I'm going to tell you about them.Some facts about the second plane is it had a window around the front.Next finally the plane flew.And it got around 70-80 feet in the air.The flyer only had 2-3 seats and the wight limit was 370 so only about tow men with luggage could go on.that is all about the second plane.

The faze I am talking about now is now planes.Some facts about the planes we have now is they take a lot of money to get on .They also arrive at airports .Next most planes can fit 40 passengers .They also have usual wait limit of 2899 pounds.Last they can go all around the world .They also can go hundreds of miles in the air.That is all about how planes changed over time.


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