Northern Cheyenne The largest Tribe of indians

No one is certain of the origins of the Cheyenne tribe but the first time they were ever discovered and met was in the mid-17th century when a small group was spotted outside of the French Fort Crevecoeur, at this time the Cheyenne lived between the Mississippi River and Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota. The Cheyenne economy at that time was based off of wild rice and hunting.

The Ôhmésêheseo'o (Omísis) meaning "eaters" was the most populous division of Cheyenne. The Omisis went by this name because they were well know for their great hunting skills and had an abundance of food which was useful for trading with surrounding tribes.

Though the tribe moved consistently, they did stay in the plains area which are the present states of Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming. This area was dry, arid, and very open with harsh winters and hot summers.

The Cheyenne participated in many tradintional activities and events. They were involved with the nomadic horse culture where men would often go and raid other tribes, typically with the Mandan and Ree tribes. The cheyennes were similar with almost all other tribes where the men would go out to hunt and raid, while the women stayed home and made materials for the men and occasionally went gathering for plants to make herbal medicines.

Some of the more famous Cheyenne Indians are Roman Nose, a legendary war hero, Little Wolf, a popular chief and one of few Cheyenne chiefs to be in the Council of Forty-Four, Black Kettle, Morning Star, and Tall Bull were also notable members of the Cheyenne tribe.

When the Corps of Discovery met with the tribe they tried to communicate with the chief to see what alliances and rivalries there were on the plains. They also wanted to see what the trading was like between the tribes, but they just missed the the annual gathering of about 1500 Indians for trade where the tribe got most of its corn from.


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