Cinnamon Arni Paz

cinnamon was discovered in 1518 by Portuguese traders at Sri Lanka as they conquered its island kingdom and enslaved the people who lived there and found the cinnamon there in which they took control of but studies also show its been around since 2000 b.c by the Egyptians

humans from the past used cinnamon as a benefit to there health as well as food preservatives for centuries until now in recent years as we have shown to use it.

humans from the past used cinnamon as a treatment for diarrhea, mild spasms, and loss of appetite, which did the trick as it was a success as cinnamon actually worked and helped with the sicknesses of the people in early times

I chose an anthropologist as my discipline because they study early humans in early years as they study how they've used cinnamon in there day to day life or what came about there health while using cinnamon.


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