Starting with Design A place for everything

Where do you start?

The design and construction are based on cabinet making and not on framing carpentry. Almost 80% of the construction was done in my workshop (garage) and then installed into the van.

You can't have everything

After reviewing hundreds of YouTube and Pinterest designs it was obvious that it's a small space. Compromises are made in order to have ample space and comfort while keeping the clutter out of sight.

To my great surprise

"It Worked"

We have been on three major road trips and our design based on the need for storage space has proven to work great. Everything can be stored away from sight leaving the floor free from obstacles.

What do you need to do and where?

Most cooking is done in the rear pull out stove and work top. Dry goods, cooking pots, plates and utensils are in pull out drawers. Interior is used for food prep and refrigerator.

You can build one too

If you are considering building your own camper van I am sure you will find that you will run into problems that are beyond your knowledge base. Before I even bought the van I told my wife that I had two major concerns; would I get frustrated and be forced to give up and never finish and the other was would it look completely tacky and and eyesore when it was done. I thought of this every day and made every effort to avoid this unacceptable outcome.

Don't set an unrealistic deadline. If you have never done this before give yourself a year. It isn't cheap in fact I was about $10,000 over budget. Remember you don't know what you don't know. Even though I was over budget it was clear I needed the things I had overlooked. Not making major compromises was the absolute right thing and it's paying off every day on the road.

It's worth every minute I invested in this project so my advise is to move forward with determination and don't give up.

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Sketch Up design of Dodge Ram Promaster Camper Van. Our Van Life

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