The Era of Good Feelings A young nation's growth

The era of good feelings is the difference between the new America and the young one.The era of good feelings first begun by president James Monroe and lots of newspapers stating, "The era of good feelings." James Monroe was on a good will tour, which gained lots of respect from huge numbers of crowds. The music from the slaves was what brought us culture. The type of music that the era of good feelings brought was good music. The type of music brought was spirituals, folk songs, patriotic songs, minstrel songs. American art included folk art, sewing women, murals, signs, images of national symbols like the American flag.

The era of good feelings also brought new and different styles of literature and writing. Some good literature examples are novels. One famous novel was Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. These novels are by Washington Irving. Although one author who marked the era of good feelings was Davy Crockett. Davy Crockett was a real - life frontiersman. HIs tales were about his life as a hunter, scout, soldier and explorer. James Fenimore Cooper, one of Americas first novelist wrote novels such as, The Pioneers and The last of the Mohicans. Although some people didn't appreciate Davy Crockett , like Alexis de Tocqueville. Tocqueville said, "Crockett, who has no education, can read with difficulty, has no property, no fixed residence, but passes his life hunting, selling hiss game to live, and dwelling continuously in the woods."

Violins such as these were brought in the 19th century with orchestras and other varieties.

American music not only was relaxing, but it brought us a variety of it. Americans in the 19th century often listened to art music, folk music, hymnody and wide ranges of songs of operas. Music also came with dances such as minuets, gavottes, mazurkas, and waltzes. In the south many people accompanied hymns of white churchgoers with African-American spirituals. Spirituals were religious folk songs sang by African culture. Furthermore, African culture also brought us minstrels, which was composed by white folks from the south. Minstrel songs, inspired by African-American songs, mimic them. As Americans demanded for more popular music, composers responded with patriotic anthems. Some anthems that brought popularity are "America" written by Samuel FRancis Smith and our national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner". Music was so loved that even Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet, praised it, saying,"Music is the universal language of mankind."

Painting located at the White House made by Gilbert Stuart

American art was what brought awe in this era. Types of art were folk art, portraits,fine art and art that focused on nature. Women sewed fabric to get quilts and men carved weather vanes and hunting decoys. Even untrained artists participated in art. They created signs, murals and images of high prestige such as the American flag. This was what Americans considered folk art, made by ordinary, untrained people. Portraits were the most popular form of early American art. Gilbert Stuart was the best-known portrait artist. His most famous painting is the one of George Washington, which is still hung in the White House today. Artists like John James Audubon focused on capturing the best scenes of nature. "The worse my drawings were, the more beautiful did the originals appear", he said. Other artists focused on the natives of western America, like George Catlin.

The government had a huge change after James Monroe became president. One of the most noticeable changes was the presence of Henry Clay, a congress man. He was a smart, persuasive leader that ran for president five times, but never elected. Clay believed that the national government had a role in encouraging economic growth, so he supported the American System."I had rather be right than be president."The American System is a proposal to the government that called for taxes on imports, transportation projects and a new national bank. Nationalism and commerce both agreed on John Marshall. John Marshall was the chief of the Supreme Court of Justice. Marshall decided some of the most important court decisions in U.S history. His decisions strengthened the Supreme Court and the federal government's power over the states. Also, they encouraged the growth of capitalism. After Monroe's eight years of presidency, four candidates, in which one is Clay, competed each other for office.

Some may say that this is not the era of good feelings. They may argue that women had the minimum rights and slaves still didn't have freedom. However women inspired folk art in making quilts. Women also tend to care for their children. Slaves also brought our mixed culture. They brought us the spiritual songs and eventually the minstrel songs that white folks composed.

The era of good feelings was the highlight of the young America's growth. It brought literature, novels poems and stories. It brought music that strived from all kinds of culture and it brought art, made by ordinary, untrained of trained individuals. The most important aspect that era of good feelings carried was our string and central government, lead by smart and persuasive leaders.

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