Germanic Colonization. By: Luke Giesman, Conrad Ernst, Lisa dixon, and easton wilkening

Tanzania chief, Mkwawa, told German soldiers no at first to the colonization, and in response they sent in 5 battleships, forcing them to submission. For four years Chief Mkwawa's tribe fought for the freedom of Tanzania, but were soon defeated by a rival tribe that sided with Germany

Germany constantly fought against slavery of the Tanzanian people. They also had schooling standards unmatched in all of Tropical Africa, teaching up to 6 languages in the schools (Including German which is still taught there today).

The colonization went from the years 1875 - 1950. Around 1950 the League of Nations took the land from Germany, and soon after Great Britain took it over.

The Germans treated the Tanzanian people as if they were their own, being they acted as soldiers and loyal citizens. They had been treated rather well, as slavery was not supported, neither was hurting the citizens. These are some of the many reasons the colonization went on long after the World War ended.

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