cuttlefish by shiloh hargrove

My animal is a cuttlefish. It is an amphibian. The color of a cuttlefish is brown,orange,white,and green. It weighs 10kg and the size of it is 15cm tall. The body looks like it has a tentacle mouth and a oval body it has no legs or family member is a squid.

Cuttlefish eat only meat. What they like to eat is fish, crabs, worms, shrimp, and octopus. They pull their food their mouth and eat them.

Cuttlefish live in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Ocean, and asian waters. Cuttlefish needs hot or cold water to survive. A cave under water is the safest place to be so it can survive. It lives by itself in a cave. A cuttle fish needs a cave where it’s dark so it can blend in with the darkness and it goes out and sneaks on its dinner and kills it.

It’s emies our sharks, fish, dolphins, seals, and seabirds. Cuttlefish have ink so it scares it predator and swims away.

Cuttlefish have ink, cuttlefish can live up to 2 years, cuttlefish can blend in with a cave, cuttlefish have blue or green blood, cuttlefish has a shell.


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