Wanting You Letter to a slutwife

You've been wanting me so long. You just never got to realize it until now. Don't be worried - I've been wanting you, too. Problem was I knew not where you were in the world. I could just as much picture you, but I could never make out your basic features. I knew not what you basically do with your life: whatever makes you laugh or cry.

But I knew what you wanted. I know what you desire so intimately. What you're even afraid to share with your friends. It's the reason why you spend countless hours surfing the Internet. You've been searching for something you just couldn't find - a needle in a forever expanding haystack. You dream about it most night: your body being explored by someone like me.

I am your sexual lust. That crazy sex you want so bad. The dirty type of love-making that rakes your head every day in the dark part of your sweetest dreams. And now you've found me. Or rather, we have found each other. I'm going to come look for you. And when we meet, I know you're going to want me as much as I, too, want you now.

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Damien Dsoul

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