Another Day of Research

Another week has gone by and the quest for research has continued. With the annotated bibliography completed and the half draft being due next week it has been important to stay on top of things, to stay persistent. This past week we were introduced into the ways we may approach our research paper and it made me realize a few things.

• Just because we don’t have an assignment due at the moment doesn’t mean the work for this overall project stops; the wheels have to keep rolling.

• I can’t be stuck on my original proposal, because whether I want it to or not, it’s going to have to be altered.

• And last but not least, research is a bitch.

I found the suggestions to how we could approach this paper very helpful. When we first went over the multiple overviews in class I was immediately drawn to the literary overview and the historical overview. Both of them have something to do with when your villain first appeared and how it changed over time. I finally decided to go with the literary overview because I felt I could go more in-depth with the personality traits of my villain.

The Wicked Witch of the West is a very complex character and although you could probably find ways to tie her into society and culture with themes such as racism and feminism, I think it will be more interesting to analyze her personality and its transformation.

• In the original book she plays a rather small role but is still wicked as ever. The same thing happens in the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. She appears on screen already wicked with no back story.

• In the musical Wicked, and the newer movie Oz the Great and Powerful, we see her as a victim of circumstance and even sympathize with her for a moment.

Another habit of the mind I wanted to explore in this week’s journey log is openness. On Tuesday, we finally got to play a game in class, even if it was just the rolling of dice. I found this exercise to be fun and creative. In order for it to work though, you had to go in with an open mind.

I don’t care who you are, if you roll the dice and get random items such as a snake and a hole in the ground, you’re going to need an open mind to tie that to your villain or monster. The dice I had rolled go as followed:

• A man shouting

• A tied bag

• Scissors cutting paper

• A snake

• A hole in the ground

For my villain, I felt like the dice presented weren’t all that hard and that I could actually work with them. I said that the man shouting resembles her outspokenness and how she isn’t afraid to stand for what she believes in. the bag was all of the anger and energy she had built up which eventually gets cut loose (the scissors). The snake symbolizes the fear that the Wicked Witch of the West instills in so many people. In another way, a lot of cartoon snakes are usually colored green, just like the wicked witch is. And for the final picture, the hole in the ground, I said it is the door in which she escapes her death scene in the musical, Wicked.

So for me, I found ways to use these dice but I felt other people had it a bit tougher. For instance, some people in my group had beans. If I had gotten beans I really don’t know how I would’ve tied that in with my villain but somehow the found a way to do it. One thing I do know is that if they didn’t go in with an open mind about it, it would’ve been nearly impossible to find a connection.

When looking at things, whether it’s a research journal or and some dice, I think its important to remain open about the situation because you may discover new ways of perceiving it that could be beneficial.


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