Northlakes High School Newsletter - week 3, term 2, 2019

Principal's Message

Welcome back to Term 2. Students and staff have returned refreshed from the Easter break and are demonstrating excellent application to their studies already this term. Year 7 and 9 are in the midst of NAPLAN examinations and by what I have seen the bast majority of students are attempting to do their personal best in these National examinations. Well done to all.

Congratulations to Montana Harris in Year 11 who was recently presented with a Public Education scholarship to support her successfully complete her senior years of school. Montana was only 1 of 2 scholarship winners aimed at supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Australia. She had to demonstrate significant leadership and commitment to her studies to a panel of judges for selection. This is an outstanding achievement for Montana and resulted in her being invited to Sydney Town Hall to receive her certificate and also have afternoon tea with Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

Congratulations to Conor Smith in Year 11 who currently is competing in Chanel Nine's The Voice reality TV show. We as a school community are immensely proud of Conor who has performed on a regular basis at school events and is generous with his time, effort and talent to support the school and local community. We look forward to supporting him and voting as necessary to ensure that he is as successful as possible in the show.

Congratulations to Logan and Tyran Cook who competed in the Spartan Australia National Series Event in Picton on May 4th. This is a 21km obstacle race and was the 3rd race in the National Series. They both competed in the 14 – 17 year category, and Logan won the event and Tyran finished a close 4th. Well done Boys on this great achievement.

Well done to our U/15 Sydney North Girls Netball Team. They won Round 1 against Wadalba Community School with an outstanding effort by all winning 70 to 17!

As you can see Northlakes High School has many students being very successful in their endeavours and this success is mirrored within the school gates with many outstanding achievements being evidenced in this newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading about them from our various faculties and Year Advisors.

#TeamNorthlakes - Opportunities for Future Success!

Yours in Public Education,

Warren Welham

Year 7

Welcome to Term 2 of Year 7. I hope everyone had a restful holiday break and has settled back into the routine of school.

We’ve hit the ground running this term, with NAPLAN currently underway. It’s all online this year, so students have been timetabled into computer rooms to complete each test. Catch-up sessions will be held for students who are absent for their scheduled testing period. English lessons and starter activities in most classes have been presented similarly to the way NAPLAN questions are worded, so students should feel confident in the work they have to complete. If students are feeling overwhelmed or anxious during this testing period, they are encouraged to speak with me.

Just a reminder that students are required to wear the correct uniform at all times. As the weather is getting colder, it is important that students are in plain black jumpers or jackets to stay warm. Coloured clothing, or black jumpers with large logos are not part of school uniform. Hoods and beanies must remain off during class time, as part of our non-negotiable classroom rules. If students are having difficulty with this, they must bring in a note from home or contact me.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the term with Year 7. Students are welcome to see me if they need help with anything, and parents/carers can contact me on 43900555, or paige.watts@det.nsw.edu.au with any questions or concerns.

Mrs Paige Teulan - Year 7 Advisor

Year 8

Welcome back to term 2 for Year 8, we have another busy term ahead!

Assessment tasks have started to go out for Year 8 subjects in preparation for half yearly reports. Just a reminder if students are feeling overwhelmed with the work, they should go and have a chat with their classroom teacher or they are always welcome to come and have a chat with me!

We have already had a few cold days this term, just a reminder to all students that jeans with holes, tights and jumpers with logos will not be accepted as uniform. Students need to be wearing plain black pants and jumpers (the NHS logo is acceptable), along with their green polo or button up shirt. Another reminder to students to remember to bring their equipment each day ready to learn – all books and pens for each lesson – check your timetable each night when packing your school bag to ensure that the correct books are packed!

Statistics taken from the ‘Bullying No Way’ website show that online bullying is prevalent in students 15 years and under and that 84% of students bullied in person are also bullied online. Year 8 students are in the right age range for these statistics, and many are beginning to show a very keen interest in messaging apps and social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. It is so important that they are mindful of the relationships they are building in person and online and that they feel comfortable talking to an adult about any instances of harassment that may arise online. I have shared it before but, the E-safety Commissioner Website really is a fantastic resource, there are links that educate the students on safe use and links that show you as a parent who to contact if your child is having issues with anyone online!

To all our parents, please remember to keep an eye out on the Facebook page for any upcoming school events and achievements! As always please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything at all!

Ms Stacey Ewer - Year 8 Advisor

Year 9

I would like to begin by introducing myself to all of our students’ families and caregivers. My name is Ms Norris and for the remainder of 2019 I will be filling the role of Year 9 Advisor whilst Mr McKinnon performs higher duties as Head Teacher of PDHPE.

I am excited for the year that our students have ahead of them and hope that I get to meet and support Year 9 through their middle year at high school.

  • PBL at NHS: As you may already know, Northlakes High School is a PBL school (Positive Behaviour for Learning) and as such our students are expected to work towards upholding our PBL values. I would like to remind students, parents and caregivers that our students are expected to follow our non-negotiables as a core expectation. This means that in class hats are off, hoods are off, bags are in their allocated place in the classroom, electronic devices are away in their bags or switched off completely. As students understand this core expectation, staff should not need to direct students to comply with a non-negotiable.
  • Phones in class: Students often find it difficult to say goodbye to their phones and devices throughout the day, yet we ask for your support in supporting our values and our PBL expectations. If parents or caregivers need to contact their student throughout the day, we ask that you phone the school and ask for a message to be directed to your student’s classroom. The message will reach students in a timely manner and if there is a sense of urgency or a need for a student to be in direct contact while lessons are running, I ask you to contact myself or the front office to notify teachers and staff of any unique or urgent situation that requires a change to our routines in the classrooms. Students who do not comply with phone and device non-negotiable will be sent to the office and have their phone stored at the front of the school for the remainder of the day.
  • Playground: I would like to remind the Year 9 students that our playground is sectioned into active and passive areas. In passive areas, students must be engaged in passive interaction, this includes, talking to friends, sitting and eating food and playing handball. No other ball games are allowed in passive areas. The top of the school in the main quad, under the COLA, the upper basketball courts, along the right edge of the field, around the perimeter of the covered basketball courts and the canteen are all passive areas. Active areas require students to be actively engaged in a sport and if they are not then they must move off to a passive area. The centre area of the covered basketball courts is an active areas and students will not be able to eat or socialise in the centre of the courts.

From time to time there are some social conflicts between students that move into our break time. I would ask year 9 students to behave in a respectful manner in class and in the playground. If student are experiencing any issues in the playground they should feel free to see myself, the Head Teacher Wellbeing or another mentor member of staff to support them and to seek resolution. Bullying, harassment and menacing other students, physically, socially or psychologically will not be tolerated and will lead to disciplinary action.

  • Green zone: Finally I would remind students that NHS is a green zone in all areas. We speak green and switch our codes to match our environment. Swearing and offensive language does not belong at school in any area. We are working hard to keep it clean and create a professional environment for staff, students and the wider community.

Thank you for your support and let’s all work together as Team Northlakes to make our school the best on the coast.

Ms Selina Norris - Year 9 Advisor (Rel.)

Year 10

Welcome back to Term two! I trust that everybody had a relaxing Easter holiday with lots of chocolate and bunnies!

I would like to start off by commending the vast majority of Year 10 students on their efforts last term. It is a big educational jump going from Year 9 into the academic demands of Year 10 and mostly everyone is handling this transition in a positive manner. I remind all Year 10 students to ensure they are working to their personal best in all classes with a positive attitude to learning. Please ensure that assessment and class tasks are completed on time and to a high standard (editing and drafting is very important!). Also, ensure you are using the Northlakes High School diaries as a tool to be better organised.

Members of 10O working hard on their assessment tasks

Another reminder that I need forms back for immunisation ASAP. If your child does not have one please send them to the English staffroom.

If you have any concerns or wish to contact me, please feel free. I can be contacted on 43 900 555 or via email at jarad.freebody@det.nsw.edu.au

Mr Jarad Freebody Year 10 Advisor

Year 11

I was pleased to meet up with the Year group this week after being overseas. School photos were handed out, so if you were not present on Wednesday morning, please see me in J Block to collect yours. I also have some student ID cards. If you still do not have your Year 11 Assessment schedule I have these too.

I would like to remind everyone about wearing the correct school uniform especially now the cooler weather has arrived. A plain black jumper or hoodie is part of our school uniform and should be easy to find in many clothing shops at a reasonable price.

Also, if you are away from school please provide a note explaining your absence. It is wise to organise a Doctor’s certificate for times that you are away due to illness. This could help you with requests for extensions for work and tasks missed (you will need a misadventure form from the Deputy as well).

Remember Year 11, you are old enough to be responsible for yourselves now. Be in uniform, be on time and be on task. If you need help with anything, please come and see me in J Block or the Welfare office in D Block. I will be happy to help.

I will be looking at Senior jerseys/jackets over the next few weeks – keep an ear out on assemblies for more information.

Just an Idea!

Parents/carers, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on 4390 0555 or Fiona.davis4@det.nsw.edu.au

Mrs Fiona Davis - Year 11 Advisor

P & C News


This term has seen the introduction of a pasta bolognese cooked fresh on a Thursday morning. It has been well received and tastes yummy. As the term progresses we will be looking at other simple options to cook and sell that link in with the Healthy Canteen roll out.

Flexischools has been updated with the new products and prices and is a great way of ordering your child’s lunch. Sushi is only available from Wednesday-Friday and we can order a variety of other options (Poke bowls & Soups) but this needs to ordered by Tuesday direct to Leanne to be added to our standard order.

Uniform Shop

Due to some changes in roster our uniform shop will be sold out of the canteen on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays between

  • 10:00am – 10:45am
  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Uniforms have also been added to Flexischools and can be ordered direct on that site to help with parents and carers not able to get to school during that time. During busy times such as transition and start of school years we will offer increased trading hours.

P&C Meeting

Our next general meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th June 3pm in the R H Strike Library. All welcome


Michelle Whitehead P&C President

Support Unit

The staff and students of the Support Unit would like to welcome the new Year 7 students who commenced in 2019.

On 29th March students from the Support Unit travelled to the Tuggerah Sports Centre to participate in the Activate Inclusion Sports Day where students with disabilities were able to play a variety of different sports including football, golf and cricket. Sport NSW provided specialist coaches and adaptive equipment so students with a wide range of disabilities could try new sports, learn the health benefits of physical activity and how to work as a team. A sense of achievement was enjoyed by all students which improved both their confidence in playing sports and overall self-esteem.

All students and staff had a wonderful day!

Twice a term the Support Unit participates in a lawn bowls day hosted by Bateau Bay Bowling Club. Students receive lawn bowl lessons from club volunteers and the Bowling Club even provides a free lunch for the students! The students and staff are trying even harder this year to improve their lawn bowls skills so NLHS can win the end of year ‘Bowl Off’ against Entrance High who won the trophy last year. A big thankyou to Bateau Bay Bowling Club and all the volunteers involved.

In Term 1 a number of students from the Support Unit participated in a weekly ‘Learn to Swim’ program at Toukley Pool. Students were provided swimming lessons from qualified Central Coast Council swimming instructors.

This term, 7 boys from a number of different classes are participating in a ‘My Big Life Journal’ program delivered by the Youth Cabin at the San Remo Neighbourhood Centre. ‘My Big Life Journal’ teaches these boys strategies to develop self-esteem, gain more confidence and to improve their social skills.

Mr Quodling - Support Unit Teacher


Firstly we would like to congratulate our head of PDHPE, Ms Sarah Bergan on the arrival of her beautiful daughter last week. Whilst she is on maternity leave Mr James MacKinnon will be stepping into the head teacher role.

In in the PDHPE faculty this term we are investing in a PBL focus on “Healthy Living”. With new “Guideline for Healthy Growth & Development for Children and Young People (5 to 17 years)” from the Australian Government Department of Health recently released we hope to support the new advice. The overarching advice is to balance high levels of physical activity with low levels of sedentary behaviour and sufficient sleep. Therefore we see recommendation for 3 areas;

  • Physical Activity – Children and young people should aim for 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous of physical activity daily.
  • Sedentary Behaviour – screen time should be limited to 2 hours per day. Long periods of sitting can be counteracted by being physically active.
  • Sleep- Children aged 5-13 years old should have 9-11 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Children aged 14-17 years old should have 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

For more information please look at the brochure online

So what are we doing at Northies?

As a faculty we are going to focus on participation in PDHPE practical classes and in our new format of sport. We aim to help students meet their minimum daily requirements of 60 minutes of physical activity. As part of this we will not only encourage students to participate but also expect they come prepared for practical lessons. We will be checking for full PE uniform (both old and new) and documenting those who forget. To keep the communication flowing we will send a text message home to parents and carers to inform them when their child have forgotten their uniform twice. We are hoping not to get anyone forgetting further but on the third infringement they will be given a lunch detention.

If for any reason a student isn’t able to participate for that lesson we ask that a note is sent in to the teacher to excuse them from partaking. Students who are not participating will complete a critical read on current health related topics during their lesson.

In our sports program this term we are looking forward to having the opportunity to take Year 10 out to Lake Haven Recreation Centre later in the term. For Year 8 sport we are currently locking in dates to have AFL coaches come in and do sports development for 4 weeks.

Teaching & Learning

It has been an extremely busy start to 2019 in Teaching & Learning.

Our students have settled into their new routines and classes nicely, and are always working to their personal best.

Please ensure all students are prepared of lessons with appropriate equipment and work books. If you need assistance with this, please do not hesitate to ask.

Students are also being encouraged to use their Northlakes High School term planner to organise their school life and of course homework!


Week 3 of Term 2 is off to a flying start with NAPLAN online for Years 7 & 9.

NAPLAN Online testing began last week with approximately 145,000 online tests successfully completed in NSW and more than 350,000 nationally.

The Teaching and Learning Faculty team has worked extremely hard in the lead up, to timetable 54 sessions (including catch-ups) over the next two weeks.

QuickSmart Report

Our first group of Year 7 students will soon start the QuickSmart literacy program. This program has designed to assist students to improve their reading and comprehension. All students involved in the program have done an initial assessment to identify what level they will start on. The program is designed using evidence based research, and just two terms in QuickSmart can significantly improve literacy skills.

A QuickSmart lesson goes for half a period and involves a combination of reading a narrative or research text, using a computer program, reading words from flash cards and various other comprehension activities. Students enjoy participating and become competitive, striving to reach their personal best.

At the start of the year the first Year 7 and 8 groups began the QuickSmart Mathematics program as well. The students involved are progressing very well with their basic mathematics skills and multiplication facts.


It has been a busy start to Term 1 for Careers.

Year 10

  • CALM students are working on a project looking at the Environment. Parents please be aware that if your child is in the CALM project two days a week they are also doing English, Maths, and other KLA’s as well as assessment task in this project. It does not mean they all their assessment work will be done in this project students still have normal classes to work with. The YES courses from TAFE have opened up and students have been made aware of these course on Morning announcement. Each school is allowed four students per course. We have twenty students enrolled into their chosen courses from Automotive Light Vehicle at Wyong to Hairdressing at Gosford Childcare and Café at Ourimbah and Plumbing and Animal Care at Wyong. These courses run for approximately Six weeks one day to two days per week. If you your child is interested in attending one of these free TAFE taster courses next term they need to listen to the morning announcements and see Ms Hewett in her office during their break times.
  • The Year 10 Subject selection day is fast approaching and we would like all parents and carers to start having a discussion with the child as what they would like to do in their future. We know that they are likely to change their minds but setting a goal is important for them. Year 10 will have the Careers Expo to go to on the 25th June at Avondale. Notes will be sent out next week. Please be aware that we have booked two buses and we will need those notes back ASAP as Year 12 are also offered to attend. Also students who are interested in a trade will be handed notes to attend the TryaSkill day at Ourimbah on the 3rd of July. If you think your child is interested please don’t hesitate to call and speak to Ms Hewett the Career Adviser at school.
  • Our Beauty girls have finished their introductory course and we will be handing out Certificates of Attainment at the next Stage assembly. Hairdressing Introductory course for Year 10 will start at school Week 5 Monday the 27th each Monday until week 10. Notes will be handed out to interested girls. Once again there will be limited spaces for twelve girls.

Anyone interested in SBAT see Ms Hewett ASAP.

Year 11

  • We are currently monitoring Year 11 N-warnings to ensure students are working to resolve any outstanding warnings. I have spoken to most students who have advised me they are working hard to clear their warnings. Students are encouraged to speak to their teacher, year advisor or myself if they are having trouble clearing their warnings or are unsure what work they need to catch up on. We want to assist students to resolve warnings before it becomes too late and they are awarded an N Determination for their subject. TryaSkill is a unique opportunity that is being offered to students from Year 10 and 11 with the emphasis on looking at a trade. Participants have the opportunity to interact with trainers and local businesses within several industries and receive valuable career advice and information. This will take place on the 3rd July 9am to 12 am Students will be bused down to the Ourimbah TAFE from school and return to normal classes in the afternoon. As there is only 40 spaces available when your child receives the note we need it back ASAP.
  • If you are concerned about your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact their Year Advisor or myself. Year 11 CAPP are on task this term with a total of 15 students. The CAPP students have been offered placements in the YES program through TAFE. Some of our students have taken up this great opportunity and have started this week at Wyong, Ourimbah and Gosford. If your child is in this class and you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact their teacher Mr Moriceau or Ms Hewett

Year 12

  • We are currently monitoring Year 12 N-warnings to ensure students are working to resolve any outstanding warnings. I have spoken to most students who have advised me they are working hard to clear their warnings. Students are encouraged to speak to their teacher, year advisor or myself if they are having trouble clearing their warnings or are unsure what work they need to catch up on. We want to assist students to resolve warnings before it becomes too late and they are awarded an N Determination for their subject. Reminder Letters with the students outstanding N awards were mailed home to parents last term.
  • Year 12 have UAC applications are now open from the 3rd of April and early bird applications will close on Monday 30 September 2019. Applications for Semester 1 2020 will close on Friday 7 February 2020. There is an application fee for university admission through UAC University Early Entry Applications: Parents please check with your Year 12 child that they have accessed their personal timetable for the HSC.
  • Year 12 have been offered the opportunity to attend the Singleton HSC Seminar day again this year. This is a great opportunity for our students to actually speak to the Markers of HSC exams and are offered feedback on the written questions that are being asked in their Exams. I highly recommend that as many students attend this day. Notes for this day will be sent home with students during next week. The excursion is on the 31st May and a bus will leave the school at 7.45am and return around 3pm. Next up for the Year 12’s is the Career Expo on at Avondale College. Once again we highly recommend that Year 12 students attend this. This is where they can network not only Universities but TAFE and outside employers.
  • A lot of students have enquired about Early Entry. Not all courses are available through Early Entry. There are multiple Early Entry pathways available. Please check the available courses and entry pathways with your preferred university in the UAC guide books or online to Universities. If students are feeling stressed by the HSC, they can get assistance through the following services:

Ms Lois Hewett - Careers Adviser/Transition


Northlakes High School's Canteen has moved to Flexischools. This means you can now order your child's lunch online.

Free Foot & Leg Check

The University of Newcastle Podiatry Clinic at Wyong hospital is offering children age 0-17 free lower limb assessments. Children will be assessed by final year students, supervised by a podiatrist. Children and their families can receive advice on footwear, flat feet, and normal development, and receive treatment of foot warts, foot and leg pain, walking problems, and night-time ‘growing pains’.

When: Mondays from 2.45 to 4.30pm from 4th of March to 3rd of June, 2019

To make a booking, or for more information, please call 4394 7280

We still have a small number of 2018 Yearbooks to sell. The annual is available to purchase for $35 online through our POP payment system or from the office.

Uniform Donations Needed

Our clothing pool has started to get very low again. Please drop in any unused uniforms to the front office.


Brava Ave, San Remo, NSW, 2262

Phone: 02 4390 0555

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