16-17 Art Portfolio Nadia's Art

The reason why I took Advanced Art was to further my knowledge about different art media and hone my already existing skills.

This piece is the one I am most proud of, and I feel this way because I felt like I actually got it to look somewhat like a real eye. I have improved this year with working on making my pieces more realistic and looking less like a cartoon.

The project I wish I could redo is my riot painting. The reasoning for this is because this was my first time painting fire and I feel like I could do better if I practiced and redo, or do another project with fire. It just felt too smudged and I wanted it to be sharper looking.

The two artistic behaviors which I have demonstrated the most improvement in is... develop art making skills and engage and persist. The ways I showed this was when working on my "riot" painting by working more on the acrylic and finding the right shade for it and the right painting techniques to make the fire look real. Also with the watercolor bird I practiced mixing colors to make bold and interesting art for projects to follow. For the engage and persist, with my "watercolor eye" I had to keep layering colors to get the right color of skin tone and right eye color. I would work on something then when that part was done I realized that other parts would still need more layers, so I had to keep going back and fixing it to make sure everything looked put together. Also with the charcoal drawing it was hard to put the shading in just the right places and just enough shade to get it to look real. It was a struggle and constantly working and fixing it caused the paper to start tearing, which was hard to work with and finish. So this may also be one I would redo or do another project similar to work on doing what I would have done with the other if I knew what was going to happen when I first started.

My goals for next year are to work more with clay and become proficient in it, finish another watercolor and acrylic painting of my own creation, and to finish a project in charcoal or pastel, which should hopefully turn out better than my last.

Art Pieces during Fall of 2016 (2 watercolor paintings and a charcoal drawing)

March 24, 2017

Pieces I have been working on

My deer I started a couple weeks ago so it is not finished, but something I would probably do is making sure I get all the proportions right and make sure all the little details are in it so t looks as real as possible. The bride however I started maybe over a month ago. I have not finished her, but I was getting bored of the pencil and blandness of it so I decided to transition to the pastels with the bright colors for a break. Some things that I will need to do going back to the pencil is make sure I work on putting the individual leaves and background blurs in detail. Also I need to darken up the whole piece.

The two artistic behaviors I have demonstrated while making these is take risks and develop art making skills. I have never worked with pastels so that was definitely a risk and something to further my range of artistic abilities. And as for developing my art making skills, I worked with pencil. I have already done a piece with charcoal earlier in the year so I thought I would do something just a little different with the pencil and work with that style.


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