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My dear cousin Romeo is depressed. How I hate to see him so sad. What he thinks to be his only true love, Rosaline, chose a life devoted to God rather than the vocation of marriage. It would be best for Romeo to move on instead of wallow in self-pity over a woman that now belongs to a husband to which Romeo cannot compete against.

Love is such a contradictory feeling. As much as it can make you happy, it can make just as sad. As much as it could brighten your day, it can darken it. I vowed to help my cousin, Romeo forget this love. I do not know if I will be successful but I will spend the remainder of my life attempting to remove the pain from Romeo's heart.

Romeo remains heartsick over Rosaline. He cannot seem to get her out of his mind. What a tragedy love is when one is so in love and the other gives herself to another. I have convinced him to go to the ball this evening. If Romeo can just gaze at the beauty of other woman present, he will realize that Rosaline is not the fairest of them all. If Romeo can love another, this will help him heal his heart.

Although Romeo only agreed to go to the ball to see Rosaline, it is my hope that seeing all the other beautiful women will ease his pain. Romeo's heart belongs to Rosaline right now but it will not always. This is what I need him to see. It is so difficult to stand by a broken heart and not be able to mend it. His best chance to recover from this love sickness is to become lovesick over another.

The Ball

Romeo ran off after the ball, Mercutio and I could not seem to find him. We called out to him but he did not respond. My poor cousin Romeo, still in love with Rosaline, would prefer solitude over the company of Mercutio and me. Mercutio does not understand Romeo like I do. I convinced Mercutio to stop looking for Romeo and call it a night.

Mercuito is a person who takes things to far. He is someone who pokes fun at others and can be mean-spirited. He doesn't know when to silence his words and keep them only as thoughts. If Romeo knew what Mercutio was saying, he would be one angry man.

It was a hot day and I warned Mercutio that the heat brings out anger in people. I begged him not to provoke a fight. He thought it was humorous that I was the one telling him not to start a fight because he calls me the one who fights over frivolous matters. In actuality, Mercutio is more of a fighter than me. Mercutio did not head my warning and tried to provoke Tybalt into a fight. It did not work but when Romeo arrives Tybalt calls him a villain. This began a series of unfortunate events.

Romeo and Tybalt continued the Capulet and Montaque family fued. Mercutio intervened on Romeo's behalf and that is when tragedy struck. I was never expecting this to end the way it did. My great friend, Mercutio, is dead.

The fight

I encouraged Romeo to run away after the fatal brawl with Tybalt. I knew his sentence would not be light. Lady Capulet begged the prince to shed blood of Montaque to even the score. The prince questioned me and I gave a full account of the events that led to the death of two men.

Lady Capulet called me a liar and wanted Romeo dead for killing her nephew, Tybalt. She questions my honesty due to my kinship to the Montaque's. This is a sad situation where there are no winners. My dear friend, Mercutio, is dead and now Romeo's fate is in the hands of the Prince.


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