Boron By: hailey flemons

Physical properties:

physical properties: metalliod, allotropes

chemical properties: melting point-2076 degrees Celsius, boiling point-3927 degrees Celsius.

Location: Boron is located in the 13 group so it has 3 valence electrons, because of this it is very unstable and reactive. it is in period 2 so it has 2 energy rings.

chemical formula for boron monoxide

"Boron is nothing but boring!" With 5 neutrons and 5 protons, the nucleus charge is +5! Boron is a metalliod and has allotropes. It also has a melting point of 2076 degrees Celsius, and a boiling point of 3927 degrees Celsius! You'll never be bored with boron because it has only 3 valence electrons making it very unstable and reactive! It has 2 energy rings to hold the electrons. Boron can be used for eye drops, tile glazes, and washing powders. As you can see, Boron is nothing but boring!

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