Hello maple family, I hope you are all very well, we are very happy to share with you our new work activities.

This week we celebrated Diwaali, Mrs. Robert shared with us a beautiful decoration very typical of India.

It was so exciting for the children to talk about another culture and tradition.


We keep on learning the alphabet with the kids. The kids are getting to know the letters of their name and are very excited. We are also working with matching with pictures and objects as seen in the pictures below.


The children are pouring water from one cup to another. This skill will be very helpful for the future and they enjoy this activity a lot. We also started a new activity with the socks as seen below in the pictures. Children have fun matching the socks and putting them away.


Sensory activities are very important since a child can feel and touch the object , in a fun way. For each activity they recognize colors, shapes, sizes, learn fine motor skills, coordination of the eyes and hands.


Children continue to learn the numbers from 1 to 5. We also started learning some of the basic geometry shapes, which the children really love working with.


Children are filling in a leaf with paint. This is our autumn art project. They love glueing a turkey with ripped color paper. We also painted the turkey as you can see in the pictures below. Lastly, we did some great Diwali 🪔Art Projects. We used many great colors to represent the wonderful celebration.


As always, the children enjoy their gym hour. We stretch and play fun games with the parachute as seen in the pictures below.


For food prep. project we decided to cook some delicious Indian rice with Mrs. Robert, because of the Diwali celebration. Children had so much fun watching and helping out. The food was delicious and everyone had some for lunch. Here are the ingredients:

Rice, Green beans, Garlic, Ginger, Carrot, Potato, a little bit of oil.

I hope you loved the amazing pictures of these past 2 weeks. We are excited to start some new and fun activities. Please stay safe and have a great week. See you in two weeks! 🙋🏻‍♀️We will continue to have lots of fun and try our best to keep the children safe!

Mrs. Gómez (✿◠‿◠)


Created with an image by Prashant Gupta - "untitled image"