Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Bailey Wingate

One exhibit I liked alot at the museum was the butterfly exhibit. Because it was somewhat outdoors it felt fresh. There was also water and plant life which made for a colorful setting. That along with the butterflies made it a beautiful spot with a relaxing feel. What I got from this exhibit especially is how fragile nature can be. The butterflies flying around were so light that you didn't know if one landed on you. You had to be careful so that you wouldn't step on any. To me this shows just how delicate beautiful things can be.

The museum really reminded me that we are not the only ones on this planet. There are so many creatures that are here as well. From small things like butterflies and frogs to huge things like mammoths and dinosaurs, there is a world of animals that was here before us and that will be here after us. People seemed to be amazed at the exhibits because the thought that once upon a time mammals so big walked around is mind-blowing. The trip really just showed me how much history there is on this land.

The FLMNH helps to put things into perspective for us humans. It's easy to feel like the world revolves around us and some may say that it does, but we forget that humans make up just a speck on the timeline in relation to how long the Earth has been here. The fossil wall shows layers and layers off bones from periods that are long gone. The fact that there is evidence of the creatures that once roamed the Earth, though, really does make you wonder about the past and the future of this planet.

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