Mother Teresa was born in August 26, 1910 in Skopje,Fyro Macedonia and she had one brother and two sisters. Her father died when Mother Teresa was at the age of 9 and he was a politician.

Mother Teresa went to public school after her father died and this sparked an interest in her religious life and she joined a school society that went of foreign mission trips.

Since Mother Teresa was a nun she wasn't able to have children or become married. As she did missionary acts churches and the Pope would help fund her projects and that is how she would make her money or she would donate her money.

Mother Teresa left be hind many charities and churches she had a school dedicated to her but she was the principal at the same time. She helped the poor especial in India. She also helped many people turn to God and she was made a Saint.

Mother Teresa has won the Nobel Prize in 1979, the Bharat Ratna prize, the presidential medal of freedom, and the Magsaysay award.

"It was Mother Teresa who poor people respected. When they bury her we will have lost something that cannot be replaced.

Mother Teresa learned to speak English,Hindi, and Bengali.


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